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    Curators of publicity

    Founded in 2010, Lamb to Slaughter is an independent, forward-thinking fashion and lifestyle PR and marketing agency working across sectors from luxury and niche through to popular high street brands. Recently our client-base has been extended to include leading music, art and food projects.

    We love diversity and we love the eclectic, the common thread throughout is our enthusiasm, dedication and expertise, offering bespoke solutions, high-level support and strategic advice. Being client-focussed, we tailor every approach to our client’s requirements, working directly with them to realize their vision, strengthen their brand aesthetic, reinforce their tone of voice, advance high consumer demand and promote economic growth.

    We take a long-term view when investing and positioning our brands. Our methods are insightful, engaging and strategic and crucially we aim to ensure impact that influences opinion and behaviour encourage the user to interact and build a relationship with our clients and delivers commercial results.

    We have cultivated long-standing and loyal relationships with key media. Our global network of creative talent, which spans from stylists, editors, journalists, key opinion formers and digital influencer networks enables us to acquire editorial content that is most suitable to the given consumer audience.