Intertrade Group

Lamb To Slaughter look after the publicity for Intertrade Europe for the UK. Intertrade Group has in 25 years become the most advanced and sophisticated international platform for contemporary perfumery research.

Intertrade creates, develops and positions the most interesting brands on the international panorama, following every
single phase in the making of a brand, from the creation of a fragrance, to naming and packaging, market placement, marketing and communication. An advanced strategy, constructed with care, which has been extended over the years with the acquisition of licences, shareholdings and own brands.
Intertrade Group is a group of companies with branches in England, Italy, France, Germany, America, Russia, Hungary, Spain, the Emirates and Australia. A vision that is intentionally different and untypical, in antithesis to the mass-market. A point of view that doesn’t follow fashions and simple positions, that brings together the world of art perfumery in the search for contemporary forms of expression. Every group action is in fact inspired by a maverick aspect, like the creation of communications and experiential scenarios at Unscent, a project-event-magazine, and the opening of the Avery concept store, a three- dimensional synthesis of the group’s approach, in London, New Orleans and Modena, to be followed by new openings in 2014 in Milan, Venice, Florence, Doha and Paris.
Intertrade Group is a rare story begun in 1989 by Celso Fadelli, who has been joined along the way by partner Cristiano Seganfreddo.

UNSCENT returns to Pitti Fragranze, Florence this September


A Lab On Fire presents its new fragrance: Messy Sexy Just Rolled Out Of Bed




A Lab On Fire is a limited production brand shrouded in mystery and with some of the most brilliant talents in the world of perfumery as its collaborators. No one knows exactly how A Lab On Fire operates, and it is a mystery how Carlos Kusubayashi, the brand’s creative mind, conducts his business. A citizen of the world, Carlos Kusubayashi was born in São Paulo in Brazil, grew up in Japan, and now lives in Texas. He has worked in a variety of sectors: in a motor vehicle factory, as an apprentice to Master Kyoji in the field of calligraphy, and has contributed toward bringing Asian art onto the Paris art scene.


He decided to launch his first essence in 2011. Since 2015 the desire to grow to international level has brought A Lab on Fire to Intertrade Group, which has been commissioned to develop its brand. 2016 sees the launch of Eau d’Ipanema, inspired by Carlos’s childhood spent in Brazil and the famous song “The Girl from Ipanema”, and of “Messy Sexy Just Rolled out of Bed” whose olfactory pyramid expresses a sensory reawakening after a night of passion. With a short poem Mr. Kusubayashi celebrates the most intrinsic essence of the new and intense fragrance and image that is the diva of divas, Marilyn Monroe, to embody the olfactory moment with an image reminiscent of the famous photographs of the actress in bed, wrapped in sheets, immortalized by Douglas Kirkland in 1961.

Simple, clean sunlight. Warmth from the sheets wrapped between my legs. Warmth from you lingers on my skin. I just rolled out of bed. The rest of the day, the night—what we can do together—depends on how the sun warms my body, how close I allow you to get, how we touch.

Carlos Kusubayashi adds “The pictures of Marilyn are the quintessence of being sexy, a way of entering into the intimacy of the great diva full of hopeful innocence. There is something magically vulnerable in these photos, the light, the atmosphere… And this is the initial inspiration which I asked the nose Dominique Ropion to capture in a bottle”.

Head Notes: bergamot, peach blossom
Heart Notes: turkish rose, heliotrope
Base Notes: musk, Cashmeran, toffee, amber, sandalwood, vanilla, tonka bean

Available to buy at:


Swedish Perfume House, AGONIST release new scent for Summer – FLORALUST






This season welcomes the launch of the first floral fragrance created by Agonist. A voluptuous fragrance that joins an eleven perfume collection by the Swedish fragrance house. The typical Scandinavian touch is evident in the body notes, energizing and catchy.

An olfactory journey through the scents of nature, dominated by the queen of all flowers: the rose. Ethereal as the summer breeze, with a bit of bite at the end that pulls you into an elegant floral vortex. They dream of surprising, flowering again like nature in the springtime, overt femininity is reconciled with the freedom of expression. FLORALUST celebrates a renewed spontaneity, light but not frivolous, and of course striking. An invisible flower bouquet to be gifted with grace.

And to do that, Niclas and Christine Lydeen have relied on Intertrade’s perfumers to build their own personal language of flowers.
These include jasmine, tenacious yet delicate at the same time. The essence of attraction encapsulated into this floral scent.

“When all the flowers are blossoming- our cloud of fragrance aims to capture that moment, using very precious and rare ingredients such as, for example, freesia and ylang ylang, the most feminine aromas par excellence. Also starring cardamom, pink pepper, musk and bergamot for a fresh cocktail that recalls a journey into the wilderness. Just as it would be like to visit the remote corners of Scandinavian landscapes. Nature and our local environment are always our first source of inspiration and driving force in the creation of our fragrances,” comments Niclas and Christine Lydeen.

The scent is also enclosed in a special box with themed artwork designed and conceived by the creative duo. A limited edition handmade ceramic vase decorated with the Floralust pattern has been produced in collaboration with a Japanese/Swedish up-and-coming artist Masayoshi Oya from Studio Oyama.


Olfactory Pyramid

Head: pink pepper, bergamot and freesia Heart: rose, magnolia, Ylang Ylang Fund: jasmine, cardamom and musk

50ml – £115.00

available at


Avery Perfume Gallery exclusively opens at Selfridges

AVERY Perfume Gallery, the ultimate destination for scent connoisseurs, is finding a home at Selfridges, the iconic Oxford Street store in the vibrant heart of London.

Located on the fourth floor adjacent to the VIP Lounge Area of Selfridges, the AVERY Perfume Gallery space brings together some of the world’s most niche fragrances, presenting artistic perfumery at its best. The display and the setting is visually curated by Cristiano Seganfreddo (Vice President and Creative Director of Intertrade Group). It is composed of polished copper fixtures adorned with precious Italian white marble and luxurious printed textiles which are used to customise the sofa and also includes an original 50’s style console. Visitors can savour the fragrances and fully experience each aroma utilising classic mouth-blown olfactory boules. Exclusively designed for AVERY Perfume Gallery stores as well as a series of ceramic animals and birds entirely Made in Italy with special gold-effect plating. Every “Scent Animal” is exclusively created as a design object for the AVERY Perfume Gallery stores.

Founded in 1909, Selfridges celebrated its centenary in 2009. With its concession boutiques, collections from the trendiest new brands, it’s a first port-of-call for stylish shopping. With a winning combination of new talents, hip and edgy labels, from high street to high-end brands, the store always stands out of the crowd. With four floors, featuring everything from clothing, footwear and accessories through to stationary, home décor, technology and food, Selfridges has the most comprehensive selection of desirable brands and products anywhere in the UK.

AVERY Perfume Gallery perfectly mirrors Selfridges’ attitude: the love for beauty, quality and a contemporary shopping experience, offering a taste of olfactive and visual emotions.

A selection of brands will be showcased at Selfridges:
A Lab on Fire: is a limited production brand, encapsulating the mystery of its creator and the genius of stimulating collaborations with the most brilliant talents in the world of perfumery.

Agonist: fragrances that represent the beauty of Scandinavian nature and culture. Each fragrance comes in a spray line as well as in handcrafted Swedish glass flacons.

AVERY Fragrance Collection: a collection of five perfumes (A, V, E, R and Y), devised by Celso Fadelli (President and Fragrance Curator of Intertrade Group), tracing unexpected olfactory itineraries.

Azagury: whose prét –à-couture scents and clothes are adored by the most glamourous women in the world.

Blood Concept: whose sanguine sensations run through every essence of the new 3 lines: BLACK, RED and UPSIDE DOWN.

Diane Pernet Paris: 4 one-of-a-kind fragrances from the global fashion icon Diane Pernet.

Préparation Parfumée Andrée Putman: an icon of interior design and her passions enclosed in six extraordinary scents.

L-Automobili Lamborghini: the brand has transformed ‘L’ into a genuine collection dedicated to the spirit of excellence on the road.

Re Profumo: presenting characters from a novel as perfumes accompanied by an assortment of ceramics decorated with 24k gold.

Roads: the perfume collection by Danielle Ryan that consist of ten fragrances created in collaboration with the finest master perfumers of the United Kingdom.

Santa Eulalia: the famed fashion boutique of Barcelona created 5 fragrances that pay homage to the beauty of the Catalan’s city.

soOud: precious essences that welcomes you into the world of the Orient are dedicated to the exploration of the senses.

S-Perfume: collection by former sculptor Nobi Shioya in which New York meets Japan and its traditions.

Avery Perfume Gallery is the first worldwide venture into niche perfumery and research created by Intertrade Group. Celso Fadelli (President and Fragrance Curator of Intertrade Group) and Cristiano Seganfreddo (Vice President and Creative Director of Intertrade Group) introduce a fully new olfactory concept where perfume meets design and art.

The new AVERY Perfume Gallery at Selfridges London opens on the 1st February 2016.

Blood Concept: a new image, a new design and ten new fragrances

The young and innovative brand has matured and evolved: a new image, a new design and with ten fragrances to discover through a video dedicated to this new journey.

Blood Concept, was created in 2010 by Antonio Zuddas and Giovanni Castelli, both from Milan. Now licensed to Intertrade Group and thanks to the expertise of their master perfumers and the guidance of Celso Fadelli, new olfactive stories are being presented. This is not the only element to change; working with Agenzia del Contemporaneo, Zuddas and Castelli have also transformed the project aesthetically. Each flacon has become an object of strong visual impact: a cube-shaped casket box holds an elegant semi-transparent black glass cylinder capped with an oversized matt black stopper and a palette of colours chosen for the silk-screen printed detail.

The concept remains faithful to the original idea: to interpret the “blood” varieties according to the infinite shades of human identity and its experiences. Starting from a sophisticated rock mood, the new range consists of ten fragrances divided into three collections that are differentiated according to colour:

- carmine red for THE RED SERIES
- anthracite grey for THE BLACK SERIES
- ultramarine blue for THE UPSIDE DOWN SERIES

The names of the perfumes are still associated with the blood groups and include subtitles that identify their mood, olfactory strength and identity, developing a world of sensorial impressions, stimulated by small inspirational touches.

‘Black B’ holds an important place in the collection and having become an icon of Blood Concept it is the only one whose magical composition has not changed. The principal ingredient, Amber, is accompanied by the new name “Magic Amber”, an intense amber blended with Ambroxan gives the fragrance a dark and ultramodern tone.

With a clear aesthetical and philosophical vision, Blood Concept adds the city of Milan to its identity and seals the artistic pact with the metropolis in which it was created and which represents the pulsing heart of the brand’s edgy spirit. Blood is vital, it is sap, it is the archetype of the energy of the fragrances called Blood Concept. Parfums that are intense and connote a contemporary, sexy and free lifestyle. Capable of entering the innermost soul of each and everyone of us.




A steel fist inside a leather glove. It strikes not just the nose. Head notes of lemon thyme, mint, plum. Heart notes of coffee, rosemary, benzoin and raspberry. With a final gourmand trail of amber, a hint of leather, suede enriched with incense and nargamuttha.


Versatile, complex, capable of transmitting peace and serenity. Head notes of mandarin, fig leaves and cardamom. Heart notes of lavender, geranium and clary sage. The base opens with a hint of caramel, myrrh and cashmere woods.


A cup of chocolate and a “special” cake from a coffee shop. A visionary perfume that evokes thrilling images. A mix filled with ingredients of the world, such as lemon, artemisia, Sichuan pepper and rock rose. Sealed by cocoa extract, benzoin resin, elemi, tobacco, musk balsam and tonka bean.


A penthouse party, parallel universes, hinting contemporary Japanese culture. Modern and elegant. Juniper, cypress and myrtle berries, coriander and petit grain. Ending with Guaiac wood, sandalwood and musk.



Blacker than the night and stronger than desire. Sensual passion and an urge to dominate the other. A perfume that reveals the sweeter and contrasting side. Black pepper, cedar wood, guaiac wood, patchouli, woody amber and incense.


The taste of bittersweet ends. The sometimes dangerous side of changeable nature. Toffee and vanilla mixed with rock rose, saffron, Peruvian balsam, ladanum in a comforting amber-based finale.


An endless journey. Into our deepest self. With no return. Citrus notes held in a cage based on amber and ambroxan.


A midnight rendezvous at the milk bar. Hypnosis that begins from the darkest spices: pepper, cloves, juniper berries, violet leaves, cinnamon, tonka bean. All enclosed by elemi, incense and myrrh.



Ascent, tension, oxygen. The pulsing heart of XL is the natural extract of red seaweed, together with ginger and lemon. The composition is completed by deeper notes based on violet leaves, musk and dried woods.


The succulent aftertaste of a sacred extract. Sacrilegious and enveloping. With notes based on rum, black pepper, lemon juice immersed in white oud. A base of patchouli, white leather, ambrette and oud.

Available from Avery Perfume Gallery.