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New Fragrance Alert: Meraviglia by Re Profumo


RE PROFUMO is yet another example of Celso Fadelli’s expertise as art fragrance editor. Founder and CEO of Intertrade Group; Fadelli is a man with a great aesthetic sensitivity in finding the perfect alchemy for the successful transformation of editorial projects into perfumes.
The fantasy romance “Re Profumo – La ricchezza è saper sognare”, written one year ago by Fulvio Fronzoni, spurred the olfactory development of a perfume collection inspired by the characters of the book.
With the guidance of Celso Fadelli and the Creative Team of Intertrade Group, a collection of five prestigious fragrances have come to life. The fragrances are created by famous international noses who have been inspired by the stories of this unique novel set in a languid, decadent, simply irresistible Venice. All of which is communicated in every essence:
Alèxandros, Adone, Ekstasis, Sogno d’amore and Superuomo.
First previewed on the 26th of March during UNSCENT 2015 at AVERY Perfume Gallery - Excelsior in Milan the new fragrance “Meraviglia” is now ready to launch on the market. “Wonder is the aim of art”. The perfume is an ode to the Arts, an ode to Venice itself and represents the highest level of immersive beauty. Eccentricity, provocation and irony, typical of the Futuristic movement were the source of Giacomo Balla’s exhibition called “Futur-Fiore” at the Venice Biennale in 1926. Balla created a garden filled with artificial flowers for the exhibition. The flowers did not have any smell and instead were scented by the Author, bringing to life a totally unique expression and experience. This is the allegory that inspired “Meraviglia”. It is a perfume filled with wonder and mystery to scent a flower and set your imagination free.
Head Notes: Lime, Ginger and Black Pepper
Heart Notes: Jasmine, Cinnamon and Guaiac Wood
Base Notes: Incense, White Musk Accord, Tobacco and Cedarwood 
Price: £110

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Avery Perfume Gallery opens at Fortnum & Mason

Avery Perfume Gallery, the ultimate destination for scent connoisseurs, has opened at Fortnum & Mason in London. In the heart of the historic UK department store, Avery’s corner will be part of Fortnum & Mason’s new Beauty Launch: London’s Finest Curation of Fragrance and Beauty.

Located on the second floor, of Fortnum & Mason, the Avery Perfume Gallery space brings together some of the world’s most niche fragrances, presenting artistic perfumery at its finest. The display is composed of polished copper fixtures adorned with precious Italian white marble and luxurious printed textiles. Visitors can savour the fragrances and fully experience each aroma utilising classic mouth-blown olfactory boules, exclusively designed for Avery Perfume Gallery stores.

Founded in 1707, Fortnum & Mason is one of the most historic and prestigious department stores in the world, providing a treasure trove of hampers, tea, coffee and sweet treats. Since opening its doors in Piccadilly Circus in 1707, Fortnum & Mason has been at the heart of London life, showcasing the finest goods to tempt the palettes of Londoners and visitors alike. From the Food Halls to the Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon the store is filled with unique and exceptional food and gift items. Uniquely, it is still the official Royal grocer for more than 150 years. Synonymous with style, elegance and English charm, Fortnum & Mason perfectly mirrors the Avery retail philosophy, whose high standards and exquisite perfume selection are a match for one of the most illustrious shopping destinations in London.

A selection of brands will be showcased at Fortnum & Mason:

Avery Fragrance Collection, a collection of five perfumes (A, V, E, R and Y), devised by Celso Fadelli (President and Fragrance Curator of Intertrade Group), which trace new olfactory itineraries that have been unconsciously guided by Avery Perfume Gallery customers.

Boadicea the Victorious, enclosed in fascinating bottles inlaid with Celtic decorations, these fragrances are an ode to the brave queen of the Celts who fought courageously against the Romans in the name of her people. Fragrances from both the Classic and the Gold Collection will be featured at Fortnum & Mason.

soOud, precious essences that flirt with the world of the Orient are dedicated to the exploration of the senses, divided into two lines: Nektar, genuine high-concentration scents with rich and precious extracts; and Eau Fine, lighter, weightless and delicate on the skin.

Re Profumo, a collection of five prestigious fragrances created and developed by famous international noses, inspired by the romance of a unique novel “Re Profumo,” set in the languid, decadent, irresistible Venice, captured in every essence.

L-Automobili Lamborghini, the historic brand Automobili Lamborghini has produced its first prestige perfume called Simply: L, a perfume capable of evoking the same powerful emotions and feelings experienced at the wheel of a Lamborghini.

Avery Perfume Gallery is the first worldwide venture into niche perfumery and research created by Intertrade Group. Celso Fadelli (President and Fragrance Curator of Intertrade Group) and Cristiano Seganfreddo (Vice President and Creative Director of Intertrade Group) introduce a fully new olfactory concept where perfume meets design and art.

Avery customers are invited to Fortnum & Mason to fully experience a scents-sational weekend on the 16th and 17th of May to breathe in their “ideal” scents that will whisk them away into summer and beyond.

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Acqua di Stresa is available at Harvey Nichols: and The Avery Perfume Gallery:

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Re Profumo is available at Fortnum and Mason: and The Avery Perfume Gallery:

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