New fragrance by Santa Eulalia – Aprilis. A homage to Catalan Culture.




A perfume unique of its kind, steeped in passion and history has thus been created to celebrate the thousand varieties and olfactory subtleties of the flower of universal love.

The collection of rare perfumes of the historic boutique in Barcelona, today include six fragrances contained in a case designed by Mario Eskenazi, an expert in typographic style and master of minimalism.  The Santa Eulalia collection is an invitation to experience and explore the city of Barcelona with the notes of Albis, Citric, Marinis, Obscuro and Vesper, in which visual and aesthetic emotions flirt in harmony with their olfactory fascination.  After Nectar, a cocktail of fruity essences with an exotic holiday aroma, the latest fragrance presented this Autumn is called ‘Aprilis’ a melange with base notes of various roses, aniseed and bergamot, an oderous heart of Iris and a final trail of moss and wood.

The name chosen for the perfume is both a tribute and a thank you to the noble Catalan culture on which the brand’s heritage is respectually forged.  The April roses that celebrate the beginning of spring, the blossoming of perfumes that recall the Mediterranean.  The Rose is queen of flowers and lends its name to a poetic composition for the Holy Virgin “Mare de Deu de Monsterrat”, the patron saint of Catalonia.  The rose that men give to their sweethearts on Saint George’s Day in honour of the legend according to which George, the knight, having slain the dragon, took the rose as a gift to his beloved princess and saved her from a dreadful fate.  The people of Barcelona jealously maintain the custom of giving a rose to the person they love, or to friends, partners and family members on the occasion of the traditional feast of Sant Jordi, which is celebrated on 23 April throughout Catalonia (and in many countries around the world), though it has a special significance and a colour of its own in Barcelona and particularly in the Ramblas.  The avenue that leads the Port is filled with books and roses from the early hours of the morning, so that passers by can enjoy a splendid stroll and repeat the tranditional custom of exchanging presents.  While he gives her the famous flower, she reciprocates with a book – it being also the anniversary of the death of the great writer Miguel de Cervantes, author of “Don Quixote”.  The feast of Saint George is pervaded with excitement and history, whose origins are interwoven from the legend that brings together romanticism and culture.

Aprilis celebrates the roses of April, in an essence of universal and timeless charm, which for Santa Eulalia is also synonymous with an unconditional love for the city of Barcelona, where in the heart of the city in the Parc de Vervantes there is one of the world’s most important rose gardens.  Four hectares planted with 245 international varieties of the flower, with a botantical competition that has been held for more than ten years.

Available at: Avery Perfume Gallery


Fashion meets Fragrance: Santa Eulalia’s New Fragrance Collection

Santa Eulalia, the infamous fashion boutique specialising in luxury men’s and women’s fashion (named in honour of the patron saint of Barcelona) is one of the oldest stores in Spain with over 170 years of history. Luis Sans and his wife Sandra Dominguez modernised the 2000sqm space with interior designer William Sofield at the end of 2011. It was one of the first fashion stores to include an on-site tailor for bespoke orders. A blend of old and new, it’s a discreet temple of luxury.






Today, the store is developing even further.  Santa Eulalia will be launching its first eponymous fragrance collection in collaboration with Intertrade and will be available to buy at Liberty this week.

Perfumes Santa Eulalia_ © Elena Claverol (2)

Four fragrances have been created representing four moods, four feelings and four contemplations of the world.


A citrus fragrance, as the name suggests, it has the aroma of fresh fruit with a touch of sweetness bestowed by the sunny Catalan climate, and acaptivating delicate floral bouquet. Its heart is composed of green mandarin, lemon, unexpected touches of artemisia, verbena, cardamom, black pepper, musk, and the slightly bitter note of bergamot.


The impression of an early morning breeze with its pure and elegant freshness, with the embrace of the city’s light seaborne wind overtaking the senses… a heady wave of perfumed flowers paired with an unusualtouch of valerian, noted for its relaxing properties, combined with vanilla, sandalwood, orchid, jasmine, and delicate lilly of the valley.


The sea and its fragrances, the water that gently caresses the skin, an immediate sensation of peace and serenity- this is the perfume of the Mediterranean that hugs the long and sunny seafront of the only big city in Europe that lives by the beach. With accords of seawater, pink grape, mint, patchouli, bay leaf, cedar, and a touch of lemon that creates a light citrus finish.


The dark side of Barcelona, with its wintry notes- never too dark, but crisp, mild, and over in a flash. A complex composition created for those seeking a more mystical fragrance. With notes of incense, anise, and a distinctive note imparted by saffron, it deepens with Peruvian balsam, traces of leather, and raw amber.

Saint Eulalia is available at Liberty, London

Be Your Own Souvenir

Be Your Own Souvenir! from blablabLAB on Vimeo.

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