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UNSCENT returns to Pitti Fragranze, Florence this September


A LAB ON FIRE takes us to the olfactive paradise of the surfer

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My Own Private Teahupo‘o is about calm origins thrilling ends, a drop of water in Antarctica, a thunderous wave in Tahiti, shimmering sunlight through a curtain of breaking liquid glass. A salty mist follows. An offshore wind bears flowers. Its top notes include sea salt and ozone. Belonging to the olfactive family of oriental marine, its mid notes are frangipani and salicylates, which are followed by dry notes of vanilla bean Tahiti, and Amber Xtreme.
Teahupo‘o is the inspiration for this new fragrance. Teahupo’o is a village on the southwest coast of the island of Tahiti, famous for its muscular break over a treacherous shallow reef, characterized by intense barrels with thick, heavy waves that dispense exhilaration and peril and demand wisdom and respect.
The awesome wave energy of Teahupo’o that traverses the expanse from Antarctica to Tahiti is harnessed in the salty-vanilla heart and soul of this fragrance: a bold surfer’s empowered optimism and mettle tempered with Paci- fic-French sensibility.
Carlos Kusubayashi’s newest fragrance is oceanic and intense in style, with notes including sea salt, ozone, frangipa- ni, salicylates, vanilla bean, Tahiti, and Amber Xtreme.
Behind Carlos’s inspiration and guidance for My Own Private Teahupo’o, stands Perfumer Laurent Le Guernec.
Head Notes: Sea Salt, Ozone
Heart Notes: Frangipani, Salicylates
Base Notes: Vanilla Bean Tahiti, Amber Xtreme 

About Carlos Kusubayashi
Born in São Paulo, raised in Japan and a true modern craftsman and nomad, Carlos Kusubayashi has always encountered life and inspiration organically. After finishing high school and a brief stint in a car factory, Carlos apprenticed and worked for seven years in Tokyo under a master kyoji, a craftsman who mounts calligraphy or paintings on handscroll, screens, or sliding doors. His skill caught the attention of a Parisian art collector who hired Carlos for a lengthy restoration project on his Asian art collection.
Following Paris, Carlos moved to New York City where he joined a gilding studio in Brooklyn where he met a sculp- tor who worked to incorporate avant-garde scents into his sculptures. ey began to work together and this exposu- re to scents and their collaboration on producing fragrances inspired Carlos to launch his own fragrance.  
In 2011, Carlos launched L’Anonyme ou OP-1475-A, the first fragrance by A Lab on Fire, a scent that was simple but refined. He turned to perfumer Olivier Polge to create a modern, minimal and compelling fragrance, cultivating his collaborative nature. After adding two more fragrances to his collection by the summer of 2012, What We Do In Paris Is Secret and Sweet Dreams 2003, with perfumers Dominique Ropion and ierry Wasser respectively, Carlos’s nomadic spirit once again took over.
He sought out the remoteness and desolate landscapes that have inspired artists like Donald Judd, whose work is crucial to Carlos’s own philosophies, moving to a small town in the expansive deserts of West Texas. Here, he continued to collaborate with world-class perfumers remotely, and created seven additional refined, contemporary fragrances. Today, Carlos enjoys his passions of swimming and running on the Big Island of Hawaii and many of his fragrance preferences are strongly linked to his physical environments. 




Available at Avery Perfume Gallery, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols & The Shop at Bluebird

GLOVE LOVERS exhibit: Bridging Scent & Untraditional Glove Making

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The UNSCENT Glove Lovers exhibit is scheduled to run during the Esxence Milano, beginning March 23, and will run until the end of March, 2017, connecting for the first time ever, perfumery and gloves. The exhibit will travel afterwards to other international destinations to be announced later in the year.

UNSCENT Glove Lovers combines AVERY PERFUME GALLERY’s remarkable artistic fragrance selection with Thomasine Barnekow’s untraditional gloves in memory of the successful industrial seventeenth century partnership and explores modern ideas formed from worlds of fashion, accessories and perfumery.

Thomasine’s collection of accessories for the hand is full of surprises — combinations of material, twists and fastenings that show off her technical understanding and attention to fine craftsmanship. The exhibition will also evoke Thomasine’s collaborations with designers, photographers and artists who staged and interpreted her gloves through captivating photographs and images.

In the Middle Ages, Grasse, France, the world’s uncontested capital of perfume since the eighteenth century, specialised in leather tanning. However, the leather smelled badly, so Gallimard, a Grasse tanner, came up with the idea of scented leather gloves and offered a pair to Catherine de Medici, who was enthralled with his gift. The concept then spread through the Royal Court and high society, and the seventeenth century became the pinnacle for glovers’ perfumers.   In 1656, Maîtres Parfumeurs et Gantiers, the guild of glove and perfume-makers was established, representing one of the first important perfume trade associations and surely part of the reason why scented gloves then became all the rage. Scented gloves continued their popularity under Louis XIV and Louis XV as the glove makers discovered ways to infuse leather with different scents during the tanning process.


Avery Perfume Gallery

Exhibit runs 23 March – 31 March


Excelsior Milano

Thomasine Barnekow



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