DANAD VERSUS for Danad Design



Coming to the Viking Gallery: the inaugural exhibition of limited edition wall art prints and furniture from the iconic (and iconoclastic) collective reputed to be the evolutionary ‘missing link’ between Pop Art and Abstract Expressionism.

It’s sixty years since the birth of Danad in the halcyon daze of the late fifties: an iconoclastic and now iconic experimental design company founded on the fine art of six seminal British artists: Robyn Denny, Peter Blake, Tom Adams, Bernard Cohen, Barry Daniels and Edward Wright.

And although individually most of them went on to achieve fame, all achieved greatness, with or without the associated glory – yet only now have their complete works finally come literally to light. Because Mark Daniels, the son of Danad’s Barry Daniels, unearthed the original works in this exhibition little more than a year ago in the dark and unvisited basement of the Georgian manor house in Hertfordshire that was Danad’s communal home, hangout and creative hothouse.

It was there that the six painters and sculptors fused their talents with those of architects Peter Adams and Colin Huntley to encapsulate the essence of their art in their own hand-made, inspirational furniture – tearing art down off the walls so it could be all around your room. You could sit on it, eat dinner off it, even stand on it… So, literally, these everyday objects became a new platform from which to exhibit their work – and that’s now considered by many art historians to be a defining feature of Pop Art.

The furniture was hand-crafted; never mass-produced. It was available only through Liberty, Heals and Harrods and in Danad Design’s mayfly lifetime of less than four fast-burning years it helped to launch the careers of some of Britain’s most respected artists. Now it’s going to be on show for an appropriately brief span at the Viking Gallery, along with limited edition prints of the two-dimensional imagery that inspires and adorns it and with which it shares its DNA.

And although Danad’s roots are in the Pop Art and Abstract Expressionist era, its fruits are very much of today. Upstairs at the Viking Gallery there’ll be a small exhibition of pieces from Danad Versus – the works of the Danad collective revived and ‘remixed’ on a very contemporary palette. Mark Daniels has handed over a selection of Danad originals to a select few modern-day artists and street artists including Chu, Ticker, Giddy Aunt and Descent. And these kindred spirits are rekindling the Danad flame with a whole new mash-up of 50s and 60s Pop Art with the art of the 21st century streets!



by Giddy Aunt for Danad Versus




By Chu for Danad Versus




DANAD DESIGN unveils unseen works at Clerkenwell Design Week

Danad Design was set up in 1959 by a collective formed of 6 artists who lived or hung out at Marden Hill at the time. Barry Daniels, Peter Blake, Bernard Cohen, Tom Adams, Edward Wright, Robyn Deny and architects Colin Huntley and Peter Adams. Their use of everyday objects / furniture to display their art and design is considered by many art historians to be a defining moment in Pop Art. This furniture was never massed produced and was only sold through London outlets Liberty’s, Heals and Harrods. Danad Design burned brightly for a short time helping launch the careers of some of Britain s most respected artists but being artists they couldn’t run a business and more to the point, didn’t want to.


Blake tatoo girl

DANAD DESIGN will be presenting unseen works at Clerkenwell Design Festival by Tom Adam, Peter Blake, Bernard Cohen, Robyn Deny, Barry Daniels, Edward Wright

Venue address: Crypt on the Green, Clerkenwell Close, EC1R 0EA

24 – 26 May 2016

Opening hours: 10:00-21:00 every day during CDW



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DAY ONE at SCOOP, The Saatchi Gallery, showcasing 250+ UK and International designers

Spring /Summer 2016

Here are our highlights from day one – enjoy!


Chupi - Gallery First Floor Foyer


Ottod’Ame – Gallery 3


Sara C – Gallery 4


Mirabelle – Ground Floor Foyer


Gestuz – Gallery 8


Lulu Guinness – Gallery 1


DL1961 – Gallery 3


Sol Sana – Gallery 4


Castellano – Gallery 11


Replay – Gallery 11


Essentiel – Gallery 5


Indi & Cold - Gallery 8

Danad Design featured in Jocks and Nerds


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