Lamb To Slaughter work hand in hand with the Amnesty UK team on their hard hitting campaigns that make a difference on a global level with regards Human Rights.

From ideas to implementation – social media, PR, marketing and event ideas.

Amnesty will be working with various artists and collaborators including the London College of Fashion during 2012 – watch this space.

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SHELL – own up. pay up. clean up.

SHELL - own up. pay up. clean up.

10,000 of you are amazing – what a message to Shell! But we can do better than that. Let’s smash our target and get 20,000 signatures!
Share our petition and get your friends to tell Shell: it’s time they own up, pay up and clean up.

FILM: Amnesty urge Shell – own up, pay up and clean up

The situation in the Niger Delta is shocking – not only is there a devastating environmental impact, but the oil spills from Shell are literally ruining people’s livelihoods.  Shell have a great deal of political and financial power in the region and at the moment, they are getting away with it.  But you can help stop them.  Today until Shell’s AGM on 22 May, begins a period of intense campaigning, where Amnesty is standing together with communities in the Nigel Delta and calling on Shell to Own up, Pay Up and Clean UP – quite simply, to take responsibility for the mess they have made and commit to cleaning it up by setting up an independent fund for this purpose.

Amnesty feel that if there is enough pressure put on Shell, there is a real chance of changing thousands of lives in the Niger Delta for the better.

How you can help and try to make a difference together – spread the word: 


Below are some drafted suggestions: 

Suggested Facebook wording  - Check out this amazing film made by Amnesty International bringing attention to the devastation caused by Shell’s oil spills in the Niger Delta – then take action! 

Suggested Twitter wording  - Cool @Art4Amnesty film calling on #Shell to #Cleanup the Niger Delta! Watch it then take action! #Amnesty 






Amnesty-WOZA-Stuart Semple

Jenni and Magadonga from Women of Zimbabwe Arise meet the artist Stuart Semple whose activism inspired his art with Amnesty staff campaigning on their case.

Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) is a Zimbabwean activist group that speaks out about social and economic inequalities and human rights conditions in the country. continue reading

LTS – 2011 in pictures

We wanted to share our memorable moments with you from 2011 – enjoy – a very Happy New Year to one and all.

Silence of the Lambs….

Boxpark – the beginning

Funghi’s to be with……

We loved LTD @ THE SOCIAL….. and Heavenly Recordings

Huge thanks to Stuart Semple – Amnesty Shop @ Boxpark


The Vest Is History


Thanks Chu for our lovely new lamb –


and lastly one of our fave pics of this year…


There are far too many to thank in what has been an amazing year – thank you – you know who you are.



AmnestyBoxpark Launch Video