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Diane Pernet’s Debut Fragrance Launch at Liberty

Diane Pernet made a personal appearance in Liberty to launch her debut perfume collection

Last Monday saw Diane Pernet, credited as the first fashion blogger with her website A Shaded View of Fashion and pioneer of fashion films, make a personal appearance in the Liberty perfume hall to launch her exclusive and evocative fragrance collection.

Diane chose the unique vision of Mike Figgis to produce a series of short fashion movies dedicated to the fragrances, directed by the Oscar-nominated British director and styled by fashion editor Tina Leung. The project presents a vision of beauty pollinated by cinema and music, with a gaze towards fashion. The fragrances, along with stills taken from the films, occupied the beauty windows of Liberty during the launch.

Discover the collection…

To Be Honest: 

A green, woody fragrance with notes of myrrh, pepper and amber, inspired by the scent of incense.


Oriental and delicate, bursts of exotic scent are grounded by notes of nutmeg, leather and musk.

In Pursuit of Magic:

A refreshing, citrus scent, to invigorate and purify with a tart clean quality.


A fragrance inspired by the ocean mist with intense notes of vetiver, musk and gaiac wood.


New Fragrance Launch: Diane Pernet Paris at Liberty

Intertrade Group and Diane Pernet will present the Diane Pernet Perfume Collection at Liberty during London Fashion Week in February.

Photograph by Alan Gelati

Photograph by Alan Gelati

Liberty, situated in the heart of London since 1875, is one of the last great emporiums for innovative and eclectic design and continues to be the destination of choice for sophisticated shoppers and fashion connoisseurs. Liberty is known for its heritage but also for its steady search for innovative new products and projects coherent with their philosophy, making it the ideal partner to launch Diane Pernet Paris in the UK market.

For two weeks, the beauty windows of Liberty will showcase the four one-of-a-kind fragrances created by the fashion doyenne Diane Pernet and Celso Fadelli (Ceo of Intertrade Group) with his team of master perfumers. The collection was unveiled at Joyce Gallery Paris this September and is currently available in all Avery Perfume Gallery stores worldwide (London, Milan, Florence, Modena, New Orleans).

A legendary figure in fashion, Diane Pernet is a respected journalist, critic, curator and talent hunter based in Paris. During her prolific career, she has been a fashion designer with her own successful brand in New York, as well as a costume designer, photographer and filmmaker. Her hybrid experience was instrumental in the founding of the multi-dimensional event that is ASVOFF.

At the crossroads of fashion and film, the festival is an event that encompasses contemporary art, music and design. It’s her unique vision and style that caught the eye of Celso Fadelli, CEO of Intertrade Group, which led to their collaboration and the creation of four fragrances.

Her website “A Shaded View On Fashion” (ASVOF) offers a distinctive take on the industry. In 2008, she created the first annual international fashion film festival “A Shaded View On Fashion Film” (ASVOFF), a rendezvous for some of the world’s most prominent and pioneering fashion brands – Dries Van Noten, Christian Dior, Hermès, Versus Versace, Gucci, Zegna and Kenzo to name but a few – to show off the fruits of their creative labours with powerhouse filmmakers like Mike Figgis, Ellen Von Unwerth, Bruce Weber, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Christopher Doyle, Bruce LaBruce, David Lachapelle, Park Chan-Wook and Jerry Schatzberg.

Diane chose the unique vision of Mike Figgis to produce a series of short fashion movies dedicated to the fragrances, directed by the Oscar-nominated British director and styled by fashion editor Tina Leung, to debut online with the launch at Liberty. The project presents a vision of beauty pollinated by cinema and music, with a gaze towards fashion.

Each movie is inspired by Mike’s experience of the perfumes, which all capture an intimate aspect of Diane Pernet’s persona: secret desires, the quest for happiness, the pleasure of being worshipped, the power of truth. The four fragrances are: the woody To be Honest, the oriental Wanted, the citrusy In pursuit of Magic and the ocean-fresh Shaded.

The sleek design of the bottle is adorned with one of her iconic symbols: the spider, exclusively created for her by designer Mario Salvucci.

Diane Pernet will be in London in occasion for the Liberty launch and will be making a special appearance in store on the 23rd February.


Time to confess. Be bold. Brave. And utterly reckless.

To be honest captures the experience of stumbling upon an ancient church while walking through the woods. The green and woody fragrance follows you inside. Candles burn silently, their lights still flickering. A waft of incense lingers high above the altar as if the congregation has just vanished. There are notes of myrrh, black pepper, cedar wood, patchouli, vetiver and amber.

Yearn. Crave. Worship me. But leave me breathless.
Wanted is reminiscent of an oriental garden as the mist rolls in. Slightly dishevelled and overgrown, moss clings to stone statues obscured by twisting trees and shrubs. Bursts of exotic scents are elevated by a delicate cloud of steam. There are notes of clove, juniper, leather and nutmeg with a little musk accord in the air.

Beyond convention. In another dimension. Spellbound.
In Pursuit of Magic makes you feel as if you’ve entered a familiar yet parallel world. Standing atop a hillside temple, time is lost in a moment of sensory overload. The refreshing citrus air simultaneously invigorates and purifies you. Tart, clean, intense, restored and protected.

Lose yourself. Infinitely. Intimately. Into the darkness.
Shaded evokes a nocturnal bath in the sea. The salt on your skin, a subtle incense and new-found sensations await a secret lover’s encounter. Lightly caressed in the ocean mist, every feeling is shaded by an intense plume of vetiver and surrounded by the deepest touch of musk and guiac wood.

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