Aurora Starbuck

Aurora Starbuck, junior account executive

Aurora is the most recent lamb to be born into our herd. Despite her name, we are sad to say that she is neither a Disney Princess or in any way connected to Starbuck’s Coffee (so no freebies). In fact her favourite drink is a good old English Breakfast tea and she makes a good cuppa too!

Aurora graduated from University for the Creative Arts with a BA (Hons) in Fashion Promotion. Her previous experience includes working with numerous fashion and lifestyle companies including PR and production company Doll, fashion PR agency Blow, menswear designer Nicomede Talavera and womenswear designer Daniel Blake.

She loves all things “underground” whether its fashion, music or just a dingy nightclub! She is a born and bred Londoner who loves exploring the city and keeping her finger on the pulse. Despite this she also has a tendency to get caught up reading a soppy Danielle Steele love story with a cup of “Rosy Lee!”