Avery Perfume Gallery launch new handmade stationery items – THINKBACK




UNSCENT returns to Pitti Fragranze, Florence this September


BUTCHERS – East London’s eco-friendly AVEDA salon – BUTCHERS



The Cut: There’re the Hackney hairdressers that specialise in big ideas – just ask Vogue, i-D Magazine or one of their other regular collaborators.

The Colour: Sweet sherbet, glowering grey or blonde bombshell – our own colour-junkie creatives are here to make it happen.

The Styling: Whether you’ve got a fancy event, or you just fancy a new up ‘do, come in and let us work it with a styling session.

The Relaxation: Comes as standard, thanks to your pre-cut Aveda Oil head and neck massage. Dreamy.



Aveda’s mission marries perfectly with everything Butchers is about. They believe in caring for the world we live in, and giving back to society. And hey – so do BUTCHERS! Each Aveda product uses plant-based science to create something that’s good for your hair and scalp, and good for the environment. So if you’re looking for an Aveda stockist in East London, come in and see our range of gorgeous-smelling, eco-friendly, cruelty-free Aveda products.







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BUTCHERS – 63 Hackney Road, Shoreditch, London E2 7NK

voted by Harpers Bazaar as one of the best hair salons in London – 2017


TFK launches new exclusive fragrance ‘Unknown Pleasures’ inspired by 70s rock bank – Joy Division


Art is a science. 
Never take anything for granted. We should remain curious and open to discover what surrounds us by experimenting and creating the right condition for something to work.
Music is one of the most scientific art forms, from the elaboration of instruments to the composition of songs. 
One must understand the various elements: acoustics, frequency, rhythm and harmony… 
… the power of forming vibration that propagates sound waves, a translation of human emotion into information, recordable data that can be passed on from generation to generation.
The inspiration behind the TFK music theme is Joy Division, the British rock band of the 70’s who used an iconic pulsar computer generated graphic for their album cover “Unknown Pleasure”.
Sheik Majed enjoyed the band when he was a teenager discovering London. In occasion of the launch, 3 fragrances have been created: Joy Connection, Heart and Flows, and Unknown Ecstasy.
The detail of the complex sound waves are present in the graphics. To complement the concept, a special song has been composed which will be shared exclusively with people who own the fragrance. ey can enjoy the experience of matching smell and music in the intimacy of their own homes or outside through headphones with the wild vibrations of urban life. 
Composer Djamel Ben Yelles
Recording artist, composer, producer, and sought after violinist who actively collaborates with world class musicians, Djamel Benyelles, decided at the end of the world tour of “Arabesque” with Jane Birkin, to devote himself first to production and then to all facets of sound production, from recording to mastering. Along the way in Calcutta, France and Vienna, he met Charley, Mehreen and Patrick, and decided to renew the experience of his first Djam and Fam album (1997), but this time to produce the new Djam and Fam alone.
The song Joy Connection is accessible for download on www.tfksounds.com 


Olfactory Pyramid:
An oriental musk with a modern twist.
Head: oris, white flowers
Heart: oud, leather
Base: ambre, musk, musk
100ml eau de parfum
Retail Price: £220
Exclusive to Selfridges (available end of July at Selfridges)


White Bottle 2017 - Unknown Ecstacy (Front - White BG)

White Bottle 2017 - Unknown Ecstacy (Back - White BG)




Spring/summer 2018 just got very exciting #scoopss18

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L-R: Angela Caputti, Mr. Boho, Milena Zu, Mercy Delta, Mercules

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L-R: Maya Magal, LizzB, Le Grand Cerf, Lauren Moshi, Lamie

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L-R: Maison Common, Kirstin Ash, Kirei, Insane In The Rain, IA London

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L-R: Georgina Scott, Emily Lovelock, Des Petits Haut, Dea Kudibal, Conditions Apply

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L-R: Ciara Silke, Charlotte Webb, Catherine Andre, Bibi Bijoux, Beatrice B

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L-R: Read Loop, Taj by Sabrina,  Talbot Runhof, Tissa Fontaneda, Wyse


L-R: Parka London, Niu, True Decadence, Lauren Moshi, Karine Assaf



250 UK & International Contemporary Designers

16-18 July 2017

Saatchi Gallery, Chelsea, London