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Entertaining Al Fresco with a hint of gold

Here at Lamb To Slaughter we love interiors.

With the weather getting better (ever so slightly) we love nothing more than entertaining and especially al fresco with our friends and family.  Our new client Zangheim specialises in all things table top and we love what they do (literally everything they do) <<swoon>>.  Zangheim’s ethos is to curate the best of heritage, craftsmanship, artisan design within the living and dining room sector in a one-stop-shop.  Think net-a-porter but for interiors table top!   The best of the best from gold cutlery, porcelain, dinnerware, decanters, barware, cake stands to cocktail shakers – seriously the list is endless.   Whether you are creating a celebratory supper and want to dress your dining table in a certain colour or theme or you want to mix and match with an array of colour – Zangheim has it covered.

This month, we are loving the decadent sparkle of gold for our dining experience, so we have picked out just a few of our favourite Zangheim pieces for you to enjoy.




Falda Gold titanisiert Vase 27 cmZieher Roots Bowl 2381.38PBAuratus Dinner Plate 27cmTAC Gropius Palazzo RORO Mug with handle

Due Oro69084-321363-46868_fArabesque 3 tier serving platter250114

230551AArabesque Deep Plate 24cm (1)Champagne (1)Champagne Amber Medusa (1)

Gala Prestige Amber whiskey TumblerGold Vase 20cm (1)Greek GoldTAC Gropius Palazzo RORO Coffee Pot 6 Pers.






Avery Perfume Gallery launch new handmade stationery items – THINKBACK




BUTCHERS – East London’s eco-friendly AVEDA salon – BUTCHERS



The Cut: There’re the Hackney hairdressers that specialise in big ideas – just ask Vogue, i-D Magazine or one of their other regular collaborators.

The Colour: Sweet sherbet, glowering grey or blonde bombshell – our own colour-junkie creatives are here to make it happen.

The Styling: Whether you’ve got a fancy event, or you just fancy a new up ‘do, come in and let us work it with a styling session.

The Relaxation: Comes as standard, thanks to your pre-cut Aveda Oil head and neck massage. Dreamy.



Aveda’s mission marries perfectly with everything Butchers is about. They believe in caring for the world we live in, and giving back to society. And hey – so do BUTCHERS! Each Aveda product uses plant-based science to create something that’s good for your hair and scalp, and good for the environment. So if you’re looking for an Aveda stockist in East London, come in and see our range of gorgeous-smelling, eco-friendly, cruelty-free Aveda products.







17  20


BUTCHERS – 63 Hackney Road, Shoreditch, London E2 7NK

voted by Harpers Bazaar as one of the best hair salons in London – 2017


TFK launches new exclusive fragrance ‘Unknown Pleasures’ inspired by 70s rock bank – Joy Division


Art is a science. 
Never take anything for granted. We should remain curious and open to discover what surrounds us by experimenting and creating the right condition for something to work.
Music is one of the most scientific art forms, from the elaboration of instruments to the composition of songs. 
One must understand the various elements: acoustics, frequency, rhythm and harmony… 
… the power of forming vibration that propagates sound waves, a translation of human emotion into information, recordable data that can be passed on from generation to generation.
The inspiration behind the TFK music theme is Joy Division, the British rock band of the 70’s who used an iconic pulsar computer generated graphic for their album cover “Unknown Pleasure”.
Sheik Majed enjoyed the band when he was a teenager discovering London. In occasion of the launch, 3 fragrances have been created: Joy Connection, Heart and Flows, and Unknown Ecstasy.
The detail of the complex sound waves are present in the graphics. To complement the concept, a special song has been composed which will be shared exclusively with people who own the fragrance. ey can enjoy the experience of matching smell and music in the intimacy of their own homes or outside through headphones with the wild vibrations of urban life. 
Composer Djamel Ben Yelles
Recording artist, composer, producer, and sought after violinist who actively collaborates with world class musicians, Djamel Benyelles, decided at the end of the world tour of “Arabesque” with Jane Birkin, to devote himself first to production and then to all facets of sound production, from recording to mastering. Along the way in Calcutta, France and Vienna, he met Charley, Mehreen and Patrick, and decided to renew the experience of his first Djam and Fam album (1997), but this time to produce the new Djam and Fam alone.
The song Joy Connection is accessible for download on 


Olfactory Pyramid:
An oriental musk with a modern twist.
Head: oris, white flowers
Heart: oud, leather
Base: ambre, musk, musk
100ml eau de parfum
Retail Price: £220
Exclusive to Selfridges (available end of July at Selfridges)


White Bottle 2017 - Unknown Ecstacy (Front - White BG)

White Bottle 2017 - Unknown Ecstacy (Back - White BG)




A LAB ON FIRE takes us to the olfactive paradise of the surfer

MyOwnPrivate (1)
My Own Private Teahupo‘o is about calm origins thrilling ends, a drop of water in Antarctica, a thunderous wave in Tahiti, shimmering sunlight through a curtain of breaking liquid glass. A salty mist follows. An offshore wind bears flowers. Its top notes include sea salt and ozone. Belonging to the olfactive family of oriental marine, its mid notes are frangipani and salicylates, which are followed by dry notes of vanilla bean Tahiti, and Amber Xtreme.
Teahupo‘o is the inspiration for this new fragrance. Teahupo’o is a village on the southwest coast of the island of Tahiti, famous for its muscular break over a treacherous shallow reef, characterized by intense barrels with thick, heavy waves that dispense exhilaration and peril and demand wisdom and respect.
The awesome wave energy of Teahupo’o that traverses the expanse from Antarctica to Tahiti is harnessed in the salty-vanilla heart and soul of this fragrance: a bold surfer’s empowered optimism and mettle tempered with Paci- fic-French sensibility.
Carlos Kusubayashi’s newest fragrance is oceanic and intense in style, with notes including sea salt, ozone, frangipa- ni, salicylates, vanilla bean, Tahiti, and Amber Xtreme.
Behind Carlos’s inspiration and guidance for My Own Private Teahupo’o, stands Perfumer Laurent Le Guernec.
Head Notes: Sea Salt, Ozone
Heart Notes: Frangipani, Salicylates
Base Notes: Vanilla Bean Tahiti, Amber Xtreme 

About Carlos Kusubayashi
Born in São Paulo, raised in Japan and a true modern craftsman and nomad, Carlos Kusubayashi has always encountered life and inspiration organically. After finishing high school and a brief stint in a car factory, Carlos apprenticed and worked for seven years in Tokyo under a master kyoji, a craftsman who mounts calligraphy or paintings on handscroll, screens, or sliding doors. His skill caught the attention of a Parisian art collector who hired Carlos for a lengthy restoration project on his Asian art collection.
Following Paris, Carlos moved to New York City where he joined a gilding studio in Brooklyn where he met a sculp- tor who worked to incorporate avant-garde scents into his sculptures. ey began to work together and this exposu- re to scents and their collaboration on producing fragrances inspired Carlos to launch his own fragrance.  
In 2011, Carlos launched L’Anonyme ou OP-1475-A, the first fragrance by A Lab on Fire, a scent that was simple but refined. He turned to perfumer Olivier Polge to create a modern, minimal and compelling fragrance, cultivating his collaborative nature. After adding two more fragrances to his collection by the summer of 2012, What We Do In Paris Is Secret and Sweet Dreams 2003, with perfumers Dominique Ropion and ierry Wasser respectively, Carlos’s nomadic spirit once again took over.
He sought out the remoteness and desolate landscapes that have inspired artists like Donald Judd, whose work is crucial to Carlos’s own philosophies, moving to a small town in the expansive deserts of West Texas. Here, he continued to collaborate with world-class perfumers remotely, and created seven additional refined, contemporary fragrances. Today, Carlos enjoys his passions of swimming and running on the Big Island of Hawaii and many of his fragrance preferences are strongly linked to his physical environments.