We are all loving Insane In The Rain


Insane In The Rain is a enviromentally conscious label producing ecological rainwear.  Their ‘Happy Jackets’ are made from recycled plastic.  In doing our thing, we keep a bit of plastic away from the dolphins.
The recycled plastic fabric used is called RPET, RPET stands for recycled polyethylene terephthalate, or recycled PET.  PET is a strong durable and recyclable  material that is used for single-use plstic soda and water bottles.
The label takes old bottles and single-use plastic and turns it into fabric in order to reduce the amount of waste going into landfills and the world’s oceans.
Insane In The Rain’s happy jackets are inspired and created all over the world and produced by a team of caring and responsible manufacturing partners.  They avoid using additional or newly-sourced plastice in any of their industrial procedures, such as production, manufacturing, shipping or distribution chains.
When you purchase an Insane In The Rain jacket you ehlp reduce the unnecessary production of virgin plastic rain jacket fabric and simultaneously, upcyle from 17 to 23 plastic bottles that would otherwise roam our oceans.  By dry, be aware, be Insane In The Rain.




Insane In The Rain will be showcasing their SS18 collection at Scoop on 16-18 July 2017 at London’s Saatchi Gallery, London

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