Diane Pernet Paris presents “Love Affair”


Announcing the launch of Love Affair, a follow up to the success of four fragrances inspired by fashion icon Diane Pernet: To Be Honest, Wanted, In Pursuit of Magic and Shaded. With the continued collaboration and involvement of Celso FadelliPresident and Fragrance Curator of Intertrade Group, with whom Madame Pernet conceived her first line of fragrances, a perfume of love is born.
A fragrance based on the warm scent of rose that harkens dangerous emotions and a note of vetiver which distinguishes the whole line, recalling a strong woman, like Anna Magnani from Daniel Mann’s “The Rose Tattoo.” Evoking memories of when, as young girl in her family’s country home, Diane went to the garden with her basket to pick the most beautiful roses. Another important inspiration comes from La Belle et La Bete, the movie directed by Jean Cocteau. There is a special scene when the father of Beauty found himself in the middle of the rose garden remembering the only thing that his daughter desired: a rose. He searched the garden for the loveliest rose and then….his world changed as the rose garden became the treasure of the Beast.
The rose is the symbol of the purest love, and just as searching for the perfect love requires time, so does searching for the perfect rose to give its essence to imbue structure and transmit emotion to the fragrance. A sinuous aromatic pursuit of love, in which two lovers find each other on a long night in the streets of a city shrouded in obscure mystery, where emotions are whispered and passion beats like a racing heart. An intoxicating love potion that awakens the seductive game of love and shrouds its players in the most animalistic yet velvety smooth scents.
Love Affair is a luscious plunge into the vortex of passion. The sensual heart of rose bewitches like a grand seductress. Heavy with emotion and secret passions that are intensified by the mossy, woody vetiver. Its perfume evokes strange powers that speaks of the most intimate stories all the while insisting upon the truth”. 
30ml - £98.00
Available online and in-store at Avery Perfume Gallery, Avery Row, Mayfair, London.

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