BLOOD CONCEPT release two new fragrances in homage to the genderless universe of David Bowie




BLOOD CONCEPT pays homage to David Bowie and the genderless universe exploring then bounds of unisex with two new fragrances:

XX – Metro Velvet

XY – Nude Wood

The young and innovative niche perfume brand comes back in the limelight with a new milestone added to their olfactory journey. Identifiable by a creative decoding of the subtleties of human identity, XX and XY are the chromosomes that define sexuality, the basis that establishes what we are, man or woman.

The two new fragrances, conceived and produced by Intertrade Group, blend these bases with a mix of masculine and feminine notes boldly associated and deconstructed:

XX (Metro Velvet) contains an extract of the queen of feminine notes, the Rose, prisoner in a composition with a masculine base. An opening of Orange and Saffron slides slowly in favour of Incense, Immortelle, Lily of the Valley and Rose extract, closing with an intense ensemble of Patchouli, Guaiacum wood, Styrax and Vanilla.

XY (Nude Wood) returns to Cedar and Vetiver, two of the most iconic and elegant masculine notes ever used in a perfume.
A decisive lash of woods that gently blends into smooth notes of Cedar flowers, Coconut flowers, and Cinnamon. An androgynous heart of Leather, Tonka bean and Lily of the Valley, and a narcotic edge of Nagarmotha, Sandalwood, Cedar, Vetiver, Labdanum and Benzoin. It is the image of a new femininity, strong and decisive, able to give new force to the world around.

Two intriguing and mysterious unisex creations, just like the alien and surreal image of the Thin White Duke admired and interpreted by the creators of Blood Concept, Antonio Zuddas and Giovanni Castelli:

“We began working on chromosomes around a year and a half ago, but had to work out how to give our own interpretation. Trends in fashion and contemporary society, but above all Bowie’s immense artistry, brought about a natural connection in time: all of a sudden we found ourselves beside a clear and illuminating “guide” that has led us to obtain XX and XY. Who more than Bowie could then represent something more than a simple man or a simple woman?”


Available November 2016


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