New Fragrance Launch: SoOud presents Jamil, a worldwide exclusive for Selfridges

New Fragrance Launch: SoOud presents Jamil, a worldwide exclusive for Selfridges

Arriving exclusively at Selfridges, the prestigious London department store renowned throughout the world, Jamil: the latest fragrance devised by Celso Fadelli, President and Fragrance Curator of Intertrade Group, in an exclusive packaging created by Alessio Avventuroso Design Director of Intertrade Group.

Available for the first time in a 100ml flacon, which shades from mirrored and semi-transparent silver to the shiny black that includes the stopper, where the silvered reflections give glimpses of the precious juice. The flacon is contained in a case that elegantly protects it like a small book, extolling its refined beauty. Jamil, which means “lovely” in Arabic, takes its name from the Arabic poet Ma’mar, born around 660 and leading exponent of udhrita love poetry. Jamil’s overwhelming passion for Buthayna, an eternal and unhappy love, would lead him to transform his own life into a sort of sentimental romance: courtship, abandonment, desperate farewells and returns, suffering and nobility of spirit, against the background of warm, golden Arabian landscapes. “For Jamil, love is the whole of life, and sung with an infinite variety of tones.”

The poet’s epic, and the story of his love for Buthayna, form the basis of the olfactory intuition of Jamil, an intense and melancholy fragrance, with an intriguing background aroma, in which cloves, patchouli and iris are masterfully blended. A homage to the love that is sought, to the illusion of perfection and to the continual tireless search for emotion and feeling, thanks to a powerful and passionate scent.

SoOud, a brand created by Fadelli ten years ago, inspired by the desire for an olfactory encounter between east and west, confirms its strength as a contemporary and extremely innovative concept: each perfume is animated by a special olfactory palette, is created from an exact idea, carries with it a story, and that story is anointed with immortality.

The guiding idea and direction in the SoOud philosophy remains that of the global world – the slanting cut of the stopper is reminiscent of the profile of modern buildings in the Middle East –: the sensual, deep and enveloping fragrances blend together in refined olfactory processes carried out with a western approach. Prized raw materials are used to produce rare essences divided into two lines in terms of concentration: Nektar for the evening, true highly concentrated extracts, and Eau Fine, for the day, more intense and delicate on the skin.

Perfume as a way of expressing personal individuality, a form of free expression in the midst of the social and cultural barriers that bring division in our age: these are cornerstones in the thinking behind SoOud, which with Jamil offers a new prodigious and transversal olfactory trail, the journey into love and into its unmistakable perfumed rarity.

Price: £185.00 (100ml Eau Fine)

Available exclusively from Selfridges from 16th May 2016

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