Welcome to A Lab on Fire – New Fragrance Launch from the Intertrade Group


Mystery means not revealing your secrets. The ultimate enigma. A Lab On Fire is a limited-production fragrance house shrouded in the mystery and genius of brilliant collaborations with the brightest talents in the perfume industry. Each contemporary fragrance is designed by a famous nose with the highest quality and freshness, evoking ingenuity and refinement. Package designs emphasize simplicity with an industrial chic aesthetic. Glamour is about finding the unique and luxurious in surprising places. Wrap yourself in mystery and glamour.


No one knows exactly how A Lab On Fire operates, and it is a mystery how Carlos Kusubayashi, the brain behind the label operates. A creative soul and citizen of the world, Carlos Kusubayashi was born in Sao Paulo and raised in Japan. He experimented in a variety of fields, including working in a car factory, apprenticing for a master kyoji who mounts calligraphy, and restoring Asian art in Paris. Kusubayashi’s interests eventually led him to Brooklyn where he worked for Japanese sculptor and scent designer Nobi Shioya as a studio assistant until 2009. Carlos had not much interest in developing new fragrances for S-Perfume but instead decided to develop a fragrance based on his own vision, launching his first perfume in 2011. According to Carlos Kusubayashi, the fragrance’s development is much closer to industrial design than art, that’s why his work focuses on the fragrance’s development with traditional laboratory techniques and rudimental industrialiSation of the whole process from scents to packaging.

Essential and minimal designs are paired with a provocative message to capture the essence of the brand and it’s creator, emphasiSing the complexity of the scent over the personality of the creator himself. Surrounded by mystery, the deeper identity of Carlos Kusubayashi still remains as secret as his fragrances, scents that beg to be experienced rather than known or recogniSed. From this season A Lab on Fire, as Carlos desires to grow internationally and thanks to his friendship with Celso Fadelli, decided to entrust Intertrade Group for the brand’s development.

A Lab On Fire breaks free from genre and categorisation, beyond any dogma or ideology and is worshipped by perfume connoisseurs around the globe. Let the mystery take over.



Perfumer: Pascal Guarin

Residing in the atmosphere, she descends, wings spread. She calls out: make love. Make a promise. Make it last. Through the window comes a possibility, an opening. Through the unbarred window, a white cloud-ridge.
Be enveloped; join hands in hands as in a perfect union. On a gust of wind, wings fanned out, she alights.”

Top Notes: saffron, magnolia petals LMR, Italian mandarin

Heart Notes: jasmine sambac abs LMR, tuberose abs India LMR, orange flower Tunisian LMR

Base Notes: cereal accord, orris abs LMR, natural vanilla bean, CO2 extract LMR

Style: carnal and innocent


Perfumer: Laurent Le Guernec

When they speak to each other, it’s a filtered language, a private exchange. One adores, the other abides––for the lover sees what the beloved cannot. L.A., captured through Parisian eyes, succumbs and it is made new. A refreshing Coca-cola marries a smooth-shelled macaron. When you look around, are you still in the same place you started?

Top Notes: lime, ginger, cola accord

Heart Notes: neroli petals, coriander seeds, thyme

Base Notes: macaron accord, amber, musk

Style: exhilarating and comforting


Perfumer: Bruno Jovanovic

Taken to calling it calm, you sit for a moment in the sunlight. The air around you shifts slightly, a strand of hair out of place, the rubbish scuttling past. You slit your eyes open to see glistening on the water’s surface. Stay here until… Stay here just long enough. Stay here as the crisp and desolate become still so you might breathe in–– immense, wave-filled and clouded.

Top Notes: lime, yuzu

Heart Notes: thyme flower, aldehyde

Base Notes: hinoki, cedar wood, musk

Style: urban and citrusy


Perfumer: Sophia Grojsman

Nothing can harm you. Nothing can drag you down. When your strength is unlimited, it comes from the deepest, most fearless heart. Looking strong into the eyes of your future, you are steady and master it. It kneels before you, in awe. The allure of Rose Rebelle Respawn is boundless. Sophia Grojsman’s iconic fragrance returns, its femininity and daring irrepressible.

Top Notes: ivy and mint leaves

Heart Notes: carnation, rose

Base Notes: musks, incense, cacao

Style: modern and feminine


Perfumer: Carlos Benaim

The secrets of an intriguing evening are masterfully explored in LiquidNight. Smooth with a woody-sweet finish, this fragrance mines the hidden depths of the night, beginning with its full-of-anticipation, heading-out-on-the- town opening. Between sacral and profane, with a touch of glamour.”

Top Notes: bergamot, lime, saffron

Heart Notes: sage, lavender, hinoki, wood

Base Notes: incense, vanilla, musk

Style: mystique and chic


Perfumer: Thierry Wasser

Il était un fois… A talented perfumer in New York City drafted one of his most prized creations, then left it behind with a friend when he escaped the city for a new beginning in Paris. This ode to a better life captured the essence of stolen moments on a perfect beach, basking in the sunlight, listening to the Mediterranean lull. His creation was safe guarded, a priceless sliver of his past. Now, we can all visit that moment; we can all bask in his achievement.

Top Notes: bergamot, neroli, petit grain

Heart Notes: orange flower, jasmine

Base Notes: musk, amber, castoreum

Style: classic and fresh


Perfumer: Dominique Ropion

Rue des Petits Champs ou rue Montorgueil. Place des Vosges ou St. Germain. What We Do In Paris Is Secret captures every part of the city. The glamorous part as well as the edgy one. Dominique Ropion, one of the most technically advanced perfumers in the world, has created a scent that shows his virtuosic skill and his ability to discover something new. The chic, au courant sensuality of What We Do In Paris Is Secret makes the magical real and Paris’s secrets palpable.

Top Notes: bergamot, honey, lychee

Heart Notes: Turkish rose essence, vanilla, heliotrope

Base Notes: tonka bean, tolu, sandalwood, ambergris

Style: warm and textured


Perfumer: Olivier Polge

A sublime scent in an unassuming package, L’Anonyme ou OP-1475-A is an enigma. A deep and unique fragrance created by the ingenious imagination of Olivier Polge. L’Anonyme ou OP-1475-A captures contemporary allure, self-confident and minimal.”

Top Note: bergamot

Heart Note: geranium

Base Notes: blonde woods, white amber, suede, leather

Style: spiritual and minimal

Available from Avery Perfume Gallery.

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