New Fragrance Launch: Preparation Parfumee Andree Putman

Both noses and eyes will feel emotional about the one and only perfume collection bearing the signature of Andrée Putman that blends design and olfactory sensations. On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of Andrée Putman’s first perfume, five new fragrances as a result of a collaboration started in 2001 between Celso Fadelli and Madame Putman was presented during Salone del Mobile in Milan. In the Milanese headquarters location of Intertrade Group, among the magical atmospheres enhanced by the courtyards and the gardens of Palazzo Durini, an artistic installation revealed the collection Préparation Parfumée – Andrée Putman at the presence of a very special guest: Olivia Putman.

Sobriety, essentiality, and elegance characterise the style of Andreé Putman, one of the world’s most renowned interior designers. Her notable contributions to the design world history include: the Morgans Hotel in New York, the interior design of the Concorde for Air France, and many luxury houses and boutique interiors, just to mentioned a few: Karl Lagerfeld, Azzedine Alaïa, Thierry Mugler, Yves Saint Laurent, and Guerlain. The encounter between Andrée Putman and perfumery became a dream come true as she wished for a very long time to impulse her style to the perfume universe. The fragrance was created with the precious complicity of the renowned nose Olivia Giacobetti. The idea of her fragrance became clear when designing the newly opened Pershing Hall Hotel in Paris and its vertical garden that spreads over the patio. Andrée wanted a scent inspired by the Southeast Asian rainforest.

Madame Putman met Celso Fadelli, President and Fragrance Curator of Intertrade Group, for the production of the perfume to be introduced in the most exclusive stores worldwide. By the end of 2001 the launch of Préparation Parfumée was ready: a modern, refined, fresh, flowery/spicy fragrance, designed for both men and women as Andrée truly desired. Driftwood blends with notes of grey pepper, coriander leaf, and water lily in exquisite composition made from rare high-quality raw materials.

In 2007, Andrée’s daughter Olivia took the full reins of Studio Putman Paris, following her mother’s footsteps and desires. The success of the fragrance made Olivia Putman taking an idea into consideration, that one day it may have become a collection of perfumes. One of Andrée’s wish was to enhance the original Préparation parfumée with a collection of fragrances that evoke moments of her personal memories. Olivia then decided to partner with Intertrade Group for the development of a real collection of fragrances and let the dream begin.

“I’ve always dreamed of having a fragrance in my own name. It’s an old story. When I was a child, I took small flowers of lavender, hyacinth, I mixed and shook them and made my fragrance. I started wearing a fragrance very young. I like all the terms explaining the fragrance, I like to know which ones are its ingredients. I hope that my fragrances evoke the same serenity and discretion present in all my other creations.Andrée Putman.

Today, following the success of the first fragrance, and to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the first fragrance, Intertrade Group is very proud to present the full collection named Préparation Parfumée Andrée Putman.

Olivia Putman has worked with a team of specialists in order to bring to reality this project. The inspiration of the packaging comes from the original one, a sober and elegant flacon whose style has been carefully maintained. The respectful and thoughtful restyle was curated by Agenzia del Contemporaneo (creative solutions&design agency) guided by Cristiano Seganfreddo (Vice President and Creative Director di Intertrade Group)

and Alessio Avventuroso (Design Director of Intertrade Group). The transparent crystal flacon with a navy-blue cap, is decorated by an elegant blue label, that embraces it completely, leaving just a small rounded hole from where is visible the Andréé Putman signature that arises from the deepness of the bottle.

Préparation Parfumée-Andrée Putman presents itself with six olfactory itineraries that embody the same sense of incomparable style that made Andrée Putman an iconic figure for both the design and the fashion worlds:

L’ORIGINAL is the first fragrance created by Andrée, inspired by an oriental garden and the Pershing Hall Hotel’s vertical garden. The composition is a complex blend of forest wood, gray pepper, water lily and coriander seeds. It evokes a world of purity and serene sensations.

UN PEU D’AMOUR, an ode to love and a wish for a happy life. “The secret of life is to love and to be loved,” Andrée used to say to her daughter Olivia. Un Peu d’Amour is a joyful fragrance for positive thinking and good vibes, dedicated to all lovers.

Top Notes: Orange and Beragamot

Heart Notes: Jasmin and Lily of the Valley

Base Notes: Vanilla and Sandalwood

MAGNOLYS, named for Andrée Putman’s favourite flower, the magnolia. This fresh and warm concoction explores the atmosphere of her magic garden, full of the white flower that blossoms in Spring. Olivia’s deep love for nature is encapsulated in very single drop of this elegant composition.

Top Notes: Black Currant and Peach Flowers

Heart Notes: Magnolia Flowers, Ylang Ylang and Nutmeg

Base Notes: Clary Sage and Solar Accord

TAN D’EPICES plays with spices recalling travel to the Eastern world. A combination of “tan”, referring to the rich hues of the skin after sunbathing, and “epices” the oriental spices that envelop the senses. Sensual and deep while at the same time, it carries the wearer away into mystical dimensions.

Top Notes: Heliotrope and Cinnamon Bark

Heart Notes: Incense and Gingerbread

Base Notes: Cedarwood and Benzoin

FORMIDABLE MAN is dedicated to Olivia’s father and Andrée’s husband, a very important person in her life. A perfume of surprise, carrying a vigorous scent that is citrusy, energetic and sharp. A total boost of power that improves mood, and makes the wearer think that anything is possible.

Top Notes: Lemon and Bergamot

Heart Notes: Osmanthus and Patchouli

Base Notes: Vetiver and Musk

FIGUE EN FLEUR recalls the landascapes of Provence, the typical perfume that harkens the sensation of the Southern French countryside. The fig tree forms its fruit early in Spring, as the blossoming vines spread their fragrance into the air. This perfume captures the pure essence of a sophisticated perfume that is dreamy and wonderfully intoxicating.

Top Notes: Fig Leaves and Rose

Heart Notes: Fig Wood and Almond

Base Notes: Tonka Beans and Sandalwood

Préparation Parfumée-Andrée Putman, distributed by Intertrade Europe will be available from November 2015 at Avery Perfume Gallery.

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