SCOOP LONDON: Ciao Bella Italia!

20-22 September 2015



Italian fashion never fails to be anything but timeless, ageless, polished and elegantly stylish. Amongst the irresistible selection of brands representing Italy for our launch edition are: Ottod’Ame, Empathie, TRANSIT, Delan, Julian Keen and bikini brand Whykini who are all flying the flag for womenswear. Whilst Delan and TRANSIT design for women and men, Julian Keen is focused on delightful womenswear.

Accessories are always a winner. Si! This season’s must-haves include scarves by Ama, jewellery by Angela Caputi Giuggiu, Giulia Barela and Caterina Mariani, and women’s bags come courtesy of MAJO® (who also produces an accompanying jewellery line), 10 Bags Lapalombella, Guarino Guarini and Spazioif. Mia Bags and Tramontano are bag brands for both women and men.

Designed and manufactured just outside Florence, contemporary daywear label Ottod’Ame offers versatile, easy-to-wear pieces with a twist, alongside fun prints, knits and jersey separates. A ‘go to label’ when looking for chic and comfort.

Marked by good taste, Empathie provides clothing with refined lines, delicate colors and feminine detail. A natural consequence of their philosophy is the belief in a vintage look achieved through a style that appreciates sophistication and originality.

Tam & Company is an Italian family-run, manufacturing company in its own right. Since 1986 it has invested all its efforts into research, experimentation and technology. In 1994 it took over fashion company TRANSIT and started to design, manufacture and distribute a collection of well-cut, womenswear staples.

Founded in 1974, Delan produces cult leather and denim fashions for men and women; the kind of rock ‘n’ roll apparel that is inspired by the world of bikers and cool posers. For those who like their clothing rebellious and effortless this one’s for you. We love the polo suede button pockets, multicolor buttons, zippers and pompom detailing which feature on many of their items and short jackets embellished with antique gold accessories.

After a hugely successful womenswear debut last season, Julian Keen follows up with a collection of sharp cuts and directional dressing that will delight women who like their clothing wearable but ahead of the curve. Sombre colours and season-appropraite, heavy cottons and fine wools are given a twist with flashes of olive green and cobalt blue.

If you prefer a mix and match approach to your beachwear then Whykini created with you in mind.Bustiers, bandeaus, halter-neck styles plus a range of briefs make up Whykini’s vision for time spent in the sun, sea or in the pool. The subtle frills and escalloped trimmings are a sweet touch and the block colours and floral prints are equally pretty.


Known for their scarves, shawls and pashmina made out of the purest cashmere, softest wools as well as the most precious silks, Ama also counts two other lines. The ‘Living
In’ range includes plaids, bed covers and ultra-soft pillows; objects that will turn your home into a comfortable nest. ‘Bedding’ is a range of silk-lined cotton quilts that are not only luxe but also improve your health and well-being thanks to their anti-allergic, anti-mite and thermoregulation properties.

Angela Caputi Giuggiù’s worldwide recognition has increased thanks to her glamorous jewellery that is considered both fashion and art. Gem-encrusted, opulent and confident, her designs have caught the attention of both Haute Couture stylists and Museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York and Galleria del Costume in Florence. Likewise, her creations have adorned dresses and the costumes of many films. She has also collaborated with some of the most well known high-fashion costume designers.

Angela Caputi

Giulia Barela’s handcrafted jewellery sees a return to the time-tested art of the goldsmith, and the use of unusual precious stones with their often-extraordinary markings. Giulia Barela produces two jewellery collections in bronze and silver: a seasonal collection of multiples called BTQ and a collection of one-of-a-kind pieces called ATELIER. Using traditional artisanal techniques, each piece, including the BTQ collection, maintains a certain uniqueness.

 Launched in 2004, Florence-based Indian-Italian founder and designer of the eponymous Caterina Mariani brand is celebrated for her handmade, ultra-feminine line of jewellery and small accessories. Caterina Mariani creates two collections a year inspired by a mix of retro styles. Loved for their versatility, Caterina’s pieces are designed to be worn by anyone at any time of day, to suit all styles.

MAJO® was founded in 2000 on three fundamental ideals: absolute craftsmanship, the rigorous selection of raw materials and an exclusively Italian production. The Majo® bags are made using a very special technique. No punches or moulds are used, in contrast to common practice. The first step is a scrupulous selection of hides, which are then carefully prepared into strips. Then the body of the bag is made, worked as though it were a vase: the artisan sews the overlapped edges of a long strip of leather, using a specially designed sewing machine, at that point the bag begins to take its ‘on-the-go’ shape. MAJO®’s jewellery is just as fashionable in look and feel.

 10 Bags Lapalombella produces bags and fashion accessories as crafted by Marta Lapalombella, a young designer who takes an experimental approach to her work. Using soft leather, the architectural shapes of her bags have caught the eye of many a design enthusiast. From the fan-like structure to the ancient technique of origami, Marta creates bags that change their shape, size and fit. Her USP is that a few simple steps one bag can transform into yet another bag.

With a tradition for leather craftsmanship, accessories label Guarino Guarini combines its knowledge and passion into its range of bags for men and women. Most notable is their best selling model, ICON – an oversized pochette loved by those who favour clutch bags. Flat, sharp lines and rectangular shapes are the hallmark of Guarino Guarini.

Spazioif has a few conceptual bag ranges to its name. Our favourites include ‘Node’ which is the older and wiser of all their collections, the one that established Spazioif’s reputation. Weaving together fabrics as diverse as wool, cotton or PVC the ‘Node’ shape is built around the geometric perfection of a circle. ‘Lost call’ is a collection that uses origami techniques. Made from the paper of old phone books, each piece has the name of an Italian city with its country code.



What makes the Mia Bag so special? Certainly the patterns are eye-catching: from lace to camouflage, from bright colors to pastels. And then there’s the shapes: from the tradition shopper with handles, to the purse with a chain, and finally to the classic ‘Kelly’. Designer, Monica Bianco’s produces collections for men and women with each bag having the option to be customized either through a monogram or a word deemed special to the customer.

Large or small, soft or rigid, for daytime or evening use. Ladies want their Tramontano bags to have personality and character, and this is achieved through the variety of styles on offer. Different leathers, special cuts and refined details are highlighted for the men’s line with an emphasis on bags for work. Meanwhile, Tramontano’s luggage includes travel bags, backpacks and trolley-cases. According to Tramontano, these are more than a practical item, they are travelling companions that are chosen, preserved and cared for, accompanying us over time and reminding us of adventures, places and friendships.


Joining Scoop London for the first time is Italian label Vuedo whose name originates from the French words VU and DU – seen and due.  The designer behind the label is Daniela Vinciguerra whose background is architecture.  She has created a collection which mixes unusual colour ways, geometric structures all crafted in Italian textiles, whilst using skilled Scillian dressmakers to create her designs.

Scoop London welcomes the Intertrade Group and their wonderful portfolio of eclectic fragrances from around the globe.  Always on the cutting edge of Art Perfumery they will be presenting their ‘Unscent Land’ installation for the first time in London, encapsulating us into the world of scent and narrative.  Italian brands include Venetian; Re Profumo wo will be presenting their new scent ‘Meravilgilia;  Blood Concept will be unveiling their new concept and Intertrade Group’s stunning debut ‘AVERY’

Scoop London will be held on 20-22 September 2015 at London’s iconic Saatchi Gallery, Chelsea London.  The show will be presenting spring/summer 2015.

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