Synonymous with the Italian lighthearted attitude to life and German functional values, RIANI is equally visionary and traditional. Since 1968 RIANI has been manufacturing luxury casual wear and investment pieces from their own factory and headquarters in Swabian Schorndorf, Germany, whilst all textiles and leather are sourced from Italy.

In 2007 Martine Cruse’s wealth of experience in fashion management leads to her appointment as managing director of RIANI GmbH alongside founder Jürgen Buckenmaier. Together with Ulrich Schulte, who is brought in as head designer the following year the RIANI team established RIANI’s new chapter and a new RIANI version of modern.

A woman in RIANI is always confidently dressed. The high quality of production, exclusive materials, sharp cut, smart fit and polished ‘look’ has made RIANI a hit for professional women worldwide. In the UK alone RIANI is retailed in over fifty stores throughout the country.

RIANI’s A/W15 collection sees an eclectic quartet entitled ‘Rain Dance,’ ‘Into the Wild’, ‘Fairytale’ and ‘Cool Britannia’. Being a master of the capsule wardrobe results in pieces from either collection mixing and coordinating seamlessly. Loose but fitted shapes are a RIANI staple and this includes tunic tops, shift dresses, structured above-the-knee coats, tapered trousers and another style of trouser that slouches but flatter. Gilets, pashminas, shawls and ponchos also add a chic flair. All ranges feature block colours with dashes of pattern to give individual character to each thematic aesthetic and sensibility.




‘Rain Dance’ focuses on flattering pastels in cool rainy hues such as Winter Sky, Moonbeam, Bluestone,Corda and Abalone, these interplay nicely with the theme’s touches of laquered surfaces and ethnic inspired prints. The look comprises of 70s style, bohemian print dresses worn with fine double face coats as well as ‘high-class’ satin jogging trousers in combination with exclusive, multi-colour tweeds.

 ‘Into the Wild’ edges towards gentle pastels and calm neutrals in different fabric optics and surfaces. Cosy materials are mixed with cold and glossy ones. Again, Winter Sky and Moonbeam give this range its wintery outlook alongside Abalone, Silver Grey, Titan and Autumn Haze.This collection combines shimmering sequins with woolen surfaces, sheepskin with satin and extreme rustics next to very sophisticated surfaces.   The look comprises offringe jackets made from feather light wool voile combined with track pants in velour leather and decoratedsequin tops as well as voluminous brocade skirts with short cashmere jackets with zip details.

‘Fairytale’ presents itself in a romanticised and mystic way. Magic colibri prints and enchanted flower jerseys contrast the masculine utilitarian styles and cool urban styles. Bold Purples and Black Greens,Clover, Avocado and Black add a military nuance that mixes well with details that one associates with evening wear (but can be worn with savvy during the day); details such as black sequins and embroidered necklines.   The look comprises of mini A-line skirts made fromswinging fringe with ahuge leather-flower brooch as well as coloured mohair jackets in furrybouclé optics combined with skirts in graphic multi-colourjacquard.

Lastly, ‘Cool Britannia’ looks to the swinging sixties of Great Britain for its silhouettes and sartorial ambience but seen with the eye of “now”. Black, Titan, Silver Grey, Paprika and Smoothie compliment the extra-soft jerseys and 3D mesh fabrics. Geometric patterns, leopard print and feathers give this ensemble a charming eccentricity.  The look comprises of body hugging 60s coats made of fluffy checkered jersey, worn with a knee-length pencil skirt and a coloured turtleneck as well as harsh, graphic stripe skirts in flannel jersey are paired with cape sweaters made of pure cashmere.


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