Please help us save Adam

Our very good friend Adam is dreadfully sick.

At 42 years old, Adam Dean is bravely battling blood cancer for the fourth time.  After enduring several rough rounds of chemo, Adam’s cancer remains and it’s become sadly apparent that his only chance for survival is to take part in a clinical trial of experimental drugs.

Adam lost his parents when he was very young, so doesn’t have a family to provide the support many of us take for granted.  Instead, his family of friends, a close-knit group that spans over 20 years, are helping provide him with this support. One of his friends, Mark, has worked with Adam’s consultant to locate clinical trials which could save Adam’s life. 

However, as part of this potentially life safe saving treatment, Adam will have to move from London to Frankfurt and his medical insurance will not pay for all of the trial, nor the costs associated with travelling and staying abroad while he receives treatment so we come to you now for your help.

Please help us provide Adam a ray of hope and contribute today!  Thank you in advance for your love and support.

Please donate here and thank you.

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