AVERY PERFUME GALLERY reveals new interior design – Mayfair, London




AVERY Perfume Gallery, situated in the vibrant heart of Mayfair in Avery Row is the first worldwide venture into niche perfumery and research created by Intertrade Group.

Avery Perfume Gallery is a curated experience. It is an immersive space on beauty. Distant from fashion trends and preconceived design codes, the Avery Perfume Gallery develops and presents a unique and atypical experience in niche perfumery, with objects and accessories that epitomise rarity.

In keeping with the perfumery’s philosophy of letting the fragrance speak for itself, perfumes are freed from their packaging, allowing a discerning clientele to deeply breathe the provocative scents, and become intrigued by their ingredients as well as the story behind each carefully selected brand.

Adorned with dramatic curtains and modern chandeliers, the shop welcomes customers into a sophisticated, yet intimate atmosphere shrouded with kaleidoscopic wonderment. The furniture mixes industrial chic styling with retro touches, creating a contemporary space that flirts with art and design. Instead of paper blotters, scented black birds feathers play a special role to help each customer remember his or her favourite fragrance. Quintessentially Italian design with an international twist, AVERY Perfume Gallery’s décor is reminiscent of an art gallery, inviting visitors to discover its curated world of fragrant fascination.




AVERY Perfume Gallery
27 Avery Row
W1K 4AY London
Ph. +44 (0)20 7629 1892


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