ROADS – a brand blending perfumery, publishing and cinema

An innovative brand with high creative content blending perfumery, publishing and cinema.

In 2014 Danielle Ryan launched Roads Luxury Group, an international brand made up of three distinct elements: PERFUME, a PUBLISHING HOUSE and a FILM PRODUCTION COMPANY. Whether it’s the theme of a book, the plot of a film or the inspiration for a scent, the brand, thanks to Roads unique make- up, presents iconic products of contemporary culture marked by continuous cross-fertilization.

A project with many paths and new ideas to be uncovered and explored. An important cultural concept that brings together different worlds on a diverse and open platform. It travels across latitudes and longitudes taking us on a journey through past and future influences – spanning places, people, emotions, technology and nature.

The CEO and founder Danielle Ryan says: “There are many reason why I wanted to create Roads but, most of all, I wanted to create a brand that would not be limited to a single definition and just one idea. We’ll be developing and growing around the interests of people, without any limit to our potential”.

In collaboration with the Intertrade Group, Roads Fragrance launched with a range of ten Eau de Parfum scents on the global market inspired by and dedicated to a new generation. Working in close collaboration with masters of perfumery for more than two years, Danielle Ryan has developed the Roads fragrances with inspiration taken from places, people, specific moments in history, emotions, experiences and art. A skillful dose of culture, a blend of unexpected notes and original combinations define these unique perfumes which are manufactured in the United Kingdom using only the finest raw ingredients.

Danielle Ryan

Danielle Ryan is a young Irish entrepreneur with significant experience in the showbiz world and a great story behind her. A member of the enigmatic Ryan family- her grandfather, the late Dr. Tony Ryan, founded Ryanair- Roads is her first large-scale commercial venture.
Danielle studied classical theatre at RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts) in London. After graduating she followed her ambition to found the National Theatre Academy in Ireland from an idea conceived with her father, captain Cathal Ryan. The Lir Academy opened in 2011 in one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Europe, Trinity College Dublin, that works in association with RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts) in London. The next step was the development of Roads as a cultural platform, with particular attention given to the FRAGRANCE collection where she was able to create a new cultural dimension in perfumery. Danielle grew up in the business world, but her real passion, right from a tender age, has always been theatre and visual arts. For this reason she’s determined to carry on her family’s philosophy which taught her to tenaciously follow her objectives, however ambitious they might be.

What’s your Roads Fragrance?

With Spring in the air, here at Lamb Towers we are loving the Supernova scent from Roads’ fragrance collection.

A gigantic burst of life, full of expectation and possibilities. Supernova is a fragrance that wakes you up and shakes you, creating an exciting and open atmosphere.

The senses are hit with pettigrain, bergamot, grapefruit, lime leaf and juniper berries, warmed with cognac, ginger and cardamom, brought back down to earth with cedarwood, oakmoss and amber.

Try the fragrances for yourself and let us know which is your favourite…

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