From Friday 12, to Sunday 14 September 2014, the Stazione Leopolda, Florence, Italy hosted the new edition of Pitti Fragranze. The international fair-event brings together the world’s best artistic perfumery. The outstanding observatory looking onto the world of olfactory culture, Fragranze presents the most exclusive essences, the finest artisan quality, wellness products as well as cosmetics and sophisticated accessories made by 243 of the world’s best names in the industry.

Every year in September, the greatest names and the world’s most prestigious noses gather in Florence to discuss what’s happening on the olfactory scene and to think about the myriad links between fragrance and contemporary lifestyle.


After the success of Unscent 2013, Intertrade Group took its olfactory art project back to Florence with an entirely new concept, created by Cristiano Seganfreddo, produced exclusively for Pitti: love potions.


Entrance into the UNSCENT: LOVE MAGIC POTIONS installation

The power of perfume. The allure of a word. Easily used and abused, everywhere, in the refrains of hits just as in text messages. Rhetorical or not, that is how we live. It’s part of daily life to dream it, follow it or keep it. Whatsapp, sms, facebook or chat. Online and offline. But what is the aroma of love today, and does it have an aroma? What perfume does it unleash? Does it still have a power?



Eight noses have put on their magic hat to work on the creation of special, unique, exclusive magic love potions. The selection of international talents chosen by Celso Fadelli, CEO of Intertrade, include: Cécile Hua, Ralf Schwieger, Cyrill Rolland, Celine Ripert, Christian Vermorel, Alex Lee, Arturetto Landi and Vanina Muracciole.

Potions that have nothing to do with existing perfumes or ranges already available.
Powerful fragrances that mingle with the visual creations of 8 international illustrators: Alvvino, Matteo Cibic, Patricia Gimeno, Alessandro Gori, La Tigre, Elena Xausa, Anna Parini and Think Work Observe, each chosen by the art director Alessio Avventuroso, accompanied by a literary itinerary devised by the author
Giuseppe Santonocito.

An imaginary voyage which constantly meanders around that enigma that is love. Eight celebrated cases of Magic Love Potions, taken from literature of every time and latitude, will tell the stories of love and passion generated by aphrodisiacal alchemies: love elixirs, potions, philtres and cordials. A voyage of seduction and incantation through our cultural world of imagination.


Large printed canvasses, totems and freestanding installations will guide visitors inside the Alcatraz space where, thanks to olfactory boules, they can complete the olfactory and emotional experience with all the new ideas of Intertrade Group and the brands presented:

Acqua di Stresa and its Mediterranean fragrances, Agonist and the sensations of northern Europe,
the naturalness of skincare products by Annemarie Börlind, the refined elegance of Azagury, the powerful notes of Boadicea the Victorious fragrances, love of the Big Apple translated into perfumes by Bond no.9 and I LOVE NY, vital saps and blood aromas for Blood Concept, the originality of the Couto toothpaste formula, the British twist of Czech&Speake, the intriguing olfactory research of the fashion icon Diane Pernet, the Kennedy legend told by Eight&Bob, the search for eternal beauty according to Ilâme, Jane Iredale and her mineralized makeup, the power of L – Automobili Lamborghini, the classical decadence of Venice in the notes of Re Profumo, inspirations and paths in life translated by Roads, Japanese art and culture for the artist Nobi Shioya of S-Perfume, East meets West with the essences and nectars of soOud and, to be presented for the first time, the fragrance of Santa Eulalia, the prestigious and historic Catalan fashion boutique.

Every love has a story that leaves a trail of aroma, a memory, a special recollection, whether good or bad, that opens up in the mind like an album of photographs, a novel or even a film. A special video reportage will be carried out by the creator of Roads fragrances, Danielle Ryan, who during the days of the event will be asking visitors, noses and artists what is their personal vision of love, what is the effect, still today, of this word whose meaning is in itself so elusive. And yet so mysteriously intriguing.

On the occasion of UNSCENT 2014 and Pitti Fragranze Intertrade Group celebrates the opening of its boutique Avery perfume Gallery in Borgo Albizi 70r.

Avery Perfume Gallery is the innovative retail concept by Intertrade Group, nor even a boutique, but a welcoming, intimate and enticing atmosphere, where we can be drawn into the emotions unleashed by fragrances and visual images that might accompany them. Each Avery Perfume Gallery is an art gallery where, to the special olfactory boules, specially designed for all the Avery concept stores, you can savour the various fragrances, allowing ourselves to be guided toward the ideal perfume, crossing bounds that take us beyond simple fragrances, into an aesthetic of beauty that involves all our senses. A meeting place in the heart of Florence that will host cultural and artistic events linked to the world of fashion, music and design.

An ideal location, Borgo Albizi district, makes Avery Perfume Gallery a new shopping destination and much more. The old style furnishings remind of an apothecary, a vintage console, Fornasetti ceramics and crafted glass sculptures by Agonist, one of Intertrade Group’s leading brands, make this perfume boutique a true masterpiece of interior design. The key colours are the bronze of its logo, grey, black, gold and white.

Ceiling fresco - Avery Perfume Gallery, Florence

Ceiling fresco – Avery Perfume Gallery, Florence

The Avery Perfume Gallery shops are to be found in London at Avery Row, in New Orleans at Joseph Street, in Modena at via Selmi and at the recently opened shop in Corso Como 2, Milan. New Avery Perfume Gallery shops are soon to be opened nationally and internationally to consolidate the presence of the Intertrade Group, a sector leader headed by Celso Fadelli and Cristiano Seganfreddo, in Europe and around the world.

Visit: www.averyperfumegallery.com 

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