articleTEN by artist and sculptor – Hugo Farmer


The Youth

The Youth

The Hoxton Gallery at number 9 Kingsland Road is a perfect setting for ArticleTEN, Hugo Farmer’s debut London exhibition.

The gallery is in the Hoxton Arches, which are converted railway arches with great exposed brick walls for displaying art.

The politically driven exhibition was developed around article ten of the european human rights convention; the right to freedom of expression and information. Hugo Farmer’s aim for the exhibition is to make people think about the current political and social systems that we have in place in this country, and to promote debate about different ideologies.

The Sergeant

The Sergeant

The Article TEN exhibition centers around four life size figures cast in bronze by Wolf & Stone, an acclaimed family run foundry specializing in bronze fine art sculpture. The four sculptures are depicted as the priest, the sergeant, the politician and the youth, who all have something to shout about through their megaphone sculpted heads. The sculptures welcome you into the gallery, where there is also a large collection of prints and vivid multi layered paintings.


At the back of the gallery there  is a reproduction of Speakers’ Corner, encouraging discussion and debate, much like at Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park, which has just had a refurbishment after being used as a place for public expression of opinion and belief for over 150 years.


Another popular spot in the gallery was a row of cinema seats infront of a number of tv screens showing various clips of speakers’ corner as well as the promotional video for the exhibition produced by Hugo Farmer with music by the Stanton Warriors.


Personally my favourite collection of the evening was the four ‘remember you are one of 7 billion people in the world’ pieces, with the perspectives of the Defeatist, Conformist, Idealist and Realist.

Written by Hannah Javid

The exhibition is open to the public until Sunday 6th July – entry free

For more information on articleTEN please visit :

Hoxton Gallery, 9 Kingsland Road, London E2 8AA


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