Hugo Farmer exhibition debut London exhibition, ‘ArticleTEN’


Hugo Farmer: ArticleTEN

A solo show / London

British Sculptor and Artist, Hugo Farmer presents his debut London exhibition ArticleTEN. Respected and admired by his peers – Farmer has commissioned work for, and with, some of the UK’s most acclaimed, applauded and iconic artists of the last two decades.

This politically driven show centres on life size imperious figures cast in bronze by acclaimed family run foundry, Wolf & Stone, specializing in bronze fine art sculpture with works produced for other British Artists such as Anish Kapoor, Jake & Dinos Chapman, Anthony Gormley to name but a few.

Through sheer frustration, Farmer embarked on a journey to create a contrary take on masterful figures cast in bronze. His artworks have a certain majesty that suggests the sculpture of another time with a reverence once reserved for monuments to politicians, war heroes and royalty.   Riven with the artist’s blood, sweat – and tears born more from fury than pain, his artworks shout to everyone. This is an expression of Hugo’s long struggle to free himself from a cacophony of conflicting inner voices – one that’s lasted for many years and isn’t ending any time soon.

The sculptures depict – the priest, the sergeant, the politician and the youth – all of which have something to shout about through their megaphone sculpted heads.   These figures are of, and about us and about now; our moment made eternal in bronze in keeping with sculpture’s great tradition and with an underlying respect for, and appreciation of, the esoteric symbolism that makes silence sing in the greatest eternal marble.


Lead Press shot

Farmer says, “ArticleTEN takes its title from the section of the European Convention on Human Rights that provides ‘the right to freedom of expression’. This isn’t my message it’s ‘everyone’s’.”

To engage with the general public to express themselves freely, Farmer is creating, a major art installation, an interpretation of Speakers’ Corner, literally via a soap box installation and an online twitter debate at @ArticleTEN #a10debate. Inviting the global public to vent their spleen and thoughts – whether it makes you want to spit or smile, scream or pray.

Farmer says, “I have cast a collection that literally ‘shouts its head off’ – the megaphone being the medium to amplify ‘your voice’ and evoke the public’s passion on subjects never spoken, whether topics to be avoided at dinner parties or sensitive issues never addressed by modern politics – this about the freedom to hold opinions “the freedom of expression”.

Farmer is expanding his vision of ‘freedom of expression’ and has created vivid multi-layered paintings, limited edition prints juxtaposing against powerful newspaper headlines and a collection of television broadcasts depicting; war, peace, feast and famine, rich and poor, God, legend and myth and good and evil. All presented to further provoke the fundamental ethos of ArticleTEN – the right to include the freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas.

His artworks are a fusion between contemporary and non-conformist observational twists, mixing absolute craftsmanship with his vision of liberty.

Date:                                July 2-6, 2014

Private View:              Wednesday, July 2 / 18:00-22:30

Public Opening:         Thursday July 3 – July 6, 2014

Venue:                             Hoxton Gallery, 9 Kingsland Road, London E2 8AA

To visit the show and attend the Private View please register at

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