reve en vert S/S14 launch

Yarnlight Collective


A Passion for Sustainable Fashion


Founders of rêve en vert, Cora Hilts and Natasha Tucker quickly became citizens of the world when their separate experiencesin New York, Hong Kong, Paris, London and beyond, crystallised into a dream they both shared even before they met through mutual friends.

Cora studied International Politics at the American University of Paris and went on to gain an MA in Sustainability at Kings College, London before working with the likes of Stella McCartney in Paris and Christian Louboutin in NYC. Meanwhile, Natasha gained her Art History degree at London University’s School of Oriental and African Studies, followed by an MA in Art and Politics at Goldsmiths, London.

The Sway


They clearly shared a passion for Politics and Art – but it was their overriding zeal for environmental and social change in the fashion industry that united them in the vision of sustainable high fashion that they’ve fully realised in rêve en vert.

Natasha and Cora have curated a collection of labels and individual designers from around the world whose bespoke, unique creations are as effortlessly chic and contemporary as they are elegantly timeless, with attitude and longevity artfully woven into every edgy seam. Every bit as covetable as they are wearable, every one of these garments and accessories speaks volumes about the unique rêve en vert ethos ­– whilst keeping designer fashion at the forefront of their collections.


For the season ahead, Rêve en vert S/S 14 encapsulates ethereal beauty juxtaposed with edgy cool throughout, introducing a hub of unique creative directional designer fashion.  An elegant array of; blouses, pants, shirts, artfully embellished shorts and Tees, dresses, waistcoats and toile and leather jackets from designers as excitingly different as they’re like-minded. Alix of Bohemia’s gypsy-inspired handmade garments, for example, with wanderlust woven through every seam, are cut from similar cloth to that of Isabell de Hillerin’s Romanian and Moldovan artisan embroidery – while the Yarnlight Collective works miracles with their amazing spun carbon, bamboo, cashmere and 24-carat gold knitting yarns.

In contrast, Helena Frederiksson’s garments of  ‘austere melancholic beauty’ are redolent of stark Nordic landscapes and Bergman films while SVILU’s carefully sourced and locally produced pieces are based on gentle, boyish styles that are nevertheless effortlessly feminine and designed to endure the ebb and flow of trends. The sustainable style accessorizes from top to toe too, with The Sway’s edgy leather jackets and bags artfully crafted from upcycled cuts of leather, Hare & Hart’s traditionally-crafted Argentinian leather accessories and Shwood’s remarkable range of sunglasses in salvaged solid wood and stone.

Shwood Eyewear

To launch S/S 14 rêve en vert showcased their designers on Hallows Eve, here’s a sneak peak;

With its uniquely independent aesthetic, rêve en vert is the UK’s first and currently only platform for high end, prêt-à-porter style with a certain edgy, ethical ethos.

Gudrun & Gudrun – Edith A. Miller – Isabell de Hillerin – Helena Fredriksson – SVILU – Alix of Bohemia – The Sway – Hare + Hart – Shwood Sunglasses – Yarnlight Collective

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