LDNretail launches: How to be great in Britain’s Capital

How to be Great in Britain’s Capital

LDN Retail shows the world’s brands the way

What is LDNretail?

Since English is pretty much the lingua franca for the international fashion and lifestyle industry, you’d think it would be relatively easy for overseas-based brands to set up shop in the UK capital. Not necessarily.

Not when you’re faced with property laws quite unlike those of the rest of Europe, let alone countries further afield… Not when you have to tiptoe through a maze of unfamiliar and esoteric business practices and take on a fashion market that’s probably the most exciting in the world – and definitely the most fickle and fast-moving.

Potentially a goldmine, London can also be a minefield for the uninitiated – without a guide, ambassador, interpreter and hugely experienced guru on your side. Which is precisely what LDN Retail provides – and which no one else can.

One of those great ideas that we all wish we’d thought of first, LDN Retail is the brainchild of long standing allies Shackleton, Lamb to Slaughter, RLS Property Lawyers and Popstore, to create a new ‘Gang of Four’ capable of stirring up a cultural revolution for international brands launching in London.

That’s four companies with serious pedigrees, crucial inside knowledge, insight and commercial expertise in the four disciplines that are vital to anyone hoping to do retail business in the UK’s capital – namely: Shackleton (Property Strategy & Acquisitions, RLS (Commercial Property Law), Popstore (creative retail environments design) and Lamb To Slaughter (PR & Marketing).

Armed with more than 80 years’ experience collectively, LDN Retail alone can remove every barrier to trading in London on international brands’ behalf. It gives them a unique passport that whisks them through the UK’s idiosyncratic customs and formalities and fast-tracks them onto some of the world’s most famous and prestigious shopping streets and districts. And whether the style’s from the street or for the elite, any brand new to London’s in very good company with a collective client list that includes the likes of the following:

Selfridges, Harrods, Hammerson, Vice, Red Bull, Disney Couture, Bullring Birmingham, Frost French, The Times, SONY, Filson, Wildfox, One Direction, Evans, Bremont, Whiteleys, Evisu, Underground Shoes, Irregular Choice, Ruffians, David Mayer Naman, Baldessarini, WESC, Nigel Hall, Day Birger et Mikkelsen, Kabiri, Khujo, Laird of London, White Stuff, Replay, Stone island, Stefanel, K-Swiss, Woolrich, Goldenpoint, Oki Ni, BOXPARK, Ossie Clark London, Scoop International, Fiji Water, Novomania Shanghai, White Rabbit, Opium, Psychic Burger, Twentysomething London and Mint Vintage

For now, because all four components of this unique collective are from London, LDN Retail is all about welcoming international brands to the UK’s capital city… The bigger picture is the entire nation – a one-stop way for international brands to be great in Britain.

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