Fiji’s Stolen Supper Club: a culinary collaboration

Fiji Water has been in cahoots with Stolen (a monthly supper club) for more than 2 years now, so it was about time that they conspired together to create their own unique supper club.  The final member of the gang is graphic artist CHU whom created a special commemorative plate which was slipped into guests bags as they departed at the end of the evening (nice touch!)

Each month Stolen’s menu is inspired by one of the world’s finest restaurants, each course paying homage to London’s hottest new openings and some of our cherished British Chefs.

As Stolen founders Bonnie & Clyde explain:

Hungry for variety we recognized that there is a huge amount of talent ou tthere.  Combining their gifts with ours enables us to bring you an even bigger spectrum of taste.  A celebration of even more creativity if you like!”

On arrival we were treated to Fiji serves a cocktail designed by Dre Masso (Fiji water, bitters, lemon oil and a twist) which refreshed our palate in time for our starter which appeared on the street outside in a converted horse cart.  Bell & Brisket served us succulent salt beef combined with sharp, tangy pickles, fermented (British Cucumbers or Kimchi) or vinegar pickled, (red Cabbage or Beetroot) piled between authentic Beigels from Brick Lane or stunning black rye rolls. Topped with a dollop of mustard & blow torched Cheddar, melted in front of your eyes.  We nipped these off with a shot of whiskey followed by a shot of pickled brine – surprisingly lovely combination (having one of these again).


Our delicious Onion Soup created by Balthazar the famous French brasserie in NY (now open in London too) was bursting with taste and promptly soaked up with the accompanying Rye bread.

CHU’s designed plate was then laid before us for our next courses.  To find out more on the plate’s design and idea behind it, please visit CHU’s blog post.

Next on the menu, Obilix the restaurant with a view, at the top of the Shard.  Tender slices of seared sirloin marinaded in garlic and lime, crab cakes served with a Borough Market salad bowl.

Dessert a decadent layering of flavours and textures, a take on Tom Aikens “A Nose Too Far” for Comic Relief – the sorbets and syrups were crafted from Fiji’s finest H20 made us smile coupled with the coconut panna cotta tickled our tastebuds.

Wine pairings were kindly supplied by Berry Brothers & Rudd using their finest matching expertise.

FIJI and Stolen host monthly events please visit Stolen.



Please visit Chu at

Follow Bell & Brisket and see where she is @brisketbel or catch her on the Friday night Riverboat Food Fest a 3 day feast (27-29 June) on 28 June on board a barge in the Thames.











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