NOVOMANIA hotting up for July’s edition

There’s something very special in the air for the July 2013 edition of the ground- breaking international fashion trade show that’s throwing wide open the portals of the Chinese market to the world’s most exciting fashion and lifestyle brands: an inspiring new theme and an exciting new partnerships!

An inspiring new theme for 2013: THE CLOUD…

Why the Cloud? There are as many answers to that question as there are creative minds at the show – and that’s a lot: some 20,000 visitors over three frenetic days viewing the freshest and best in global fashion from over 200 established and emerging designer labels and lifestyle brands.

One answer is that Novomania’s consuming passion for fashion really is a cloud that constantly shifts and recreates itself in the wind of change – it’s where ideas come together, mix and multiply, invent and re-invent to create the ultimate forum for an industry with its head in the clouds and its feet firmly on the ground.

Another, more poetic, answer is that the Chinese word for Cloud – yun (云) – is pronounced exactly the same way as the one for luck or fortune – yun (运). And by bringing together the best of the East and the West to create a melting pot of the world’s most exciting and innovative fashion, never-ending fortune is exactly what Novomania represents to China’s ever more fashion-conscious people – and to the hundreds of emerging and established brands that are eager to play their part in and profit from China’s fashion revolution.

An exciting new partnership…

Novomania is delighted to announce a new partnership that could accurately be described as a marriage made in heaven with WGSN, the worldwide leader in fashion trend forecasting. Add Novomania’s unparalleled power as the gateway to the Chinese fashion market to the market intelligence with which WGSN drives fashion successful products and services and you get much, much more than the sum of their parts.

The Cloud gathers under the same roof of China’s eager to grow B2B fashion players (buyers, shopping malls, department stores, distributors, e-commerce, media, real estate developers) and the best brands in the world of the Denim, Urban and Contemporary scene. In other words, “The Cloud” is a business incubator, a fashion match-making accelerator. A quality stage where the global scene of the world of fashion presents their amazing collections to China and a unique platform to meet the movers and shakers of the Chinese fashion industry.

Inside “The Cloud” expect business as usual with fashion shows, real estate seminars and presentations, brands’ activities and performances. Outside “The Cloud”, we are planning various events under the stars, taking the advantage of Shanghai’s summer clear skies.

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