THIS WEEK: the new remastered collection of the new label Ossie Clark London hits our shop floors by way of department store Debenhams.

Controversial, iconoclastic, quintessentially British, Ossie Clark in his late sixties/early seventies heyday defined and designed Swinging London. He was the undisputed ‘the King of King’s Road’, London’s fashion Mecca…

Renowned for the daring and panache with which he mixed and matched prints and fabrics – but, more importantly, for his intuitive understanding of the female form. The collections were radically different and voluptuously, classically feminine – even when they were for men.

Launching for Spring/ Summer 2013, OSSIE CLARK LONDON presents a range of brand new designs, inspired by the man himself, plus a limited run of unreleased vintage designs, remastered for 2013.

the "Kensington Trouser Suit" by Ossie Clark London


Ossie was adored by 60s and 70s icons such as Marianne Faithfull, Mick Jagger and the Stones, Bianca Jagger, Twiggy, Amanda Lear, Warren Beatty, Liza Minnelli, The Beatles and The Who. They loved his effortless mix of surrealism and pop-art; Hollywood glamour with Soho bohemia; the way he captured a lifestyle with a blithe stroke of a pencil… And when he dressed them, he blessed them with a look that cut the haughty out of haute couture.

the "Ossie Iconic Dress" by Ossie Clark London


That’s why his influence is still so strong today. And why it took someone rather more business-minded to make the creations coveted by the Kings Road elite available to everyone – namely Al Radley whose investment and commercial acumen in the late 60s took Ossie Clark from the catwalk to high-street, via Radley’s Boutiques…

Created by Nicolas Georgiou, the new collection is set to do the same, here and now. Accessible and affordable, OSSIE CLARK LONDON is available at 45 Debenhams concessions from February 2013.

Just like Ossie, Nic’s drawing inspiration from the cross-pollination of art, fashion, photography and music that started in 60s London and which has never been more fecund than today. Reviving Ossie’s statement prints with a fresh and new approach, flattering drapery and fluidly feminine silhouettes, the collection mixes reverence and retro-glamour with a dash of radicalism. Georgiou has re-created those signature plunge necks, asymmetric cuts and flowing sleeves for the modern woman with day-to-night pieces, sizing from 8 to 18 and a palette of flattering monochrome with touches of statement colour.

Ossie Clark was one of the most influential and talented designers, not just in the UK but worldwide. OSSIE CLARK LONDON looks to the present and beyond, benefitting from modern materials and new printing techniques but still retaining the flavour of Ossie’s original designs,’ says Nicolas Georgiou

Within the collection garments are named after London landmarks and places – we like that.  We also like the fact that some of the pieces are “Vintage Inspired” and taken right from Ossie’s sketches – as with the beautiful “Regent Dress” which is also available in blue.  Cut on the diagonal it melts on to the body and great for curvy women!

the "Regent" dress by Ossie Clark London

The collection consists of 95 pieces some dropping in-store and online now whilst the other new garments being available March, April and May – so keep up to date at Ossie Clark London.

Twitter: @OssieClarkLDN

Facebook: Ossie Clark London




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