Events: Mercedes Drive Thru With Bompas & Parr

Commissioned by car manufacturers Mercedes Benz, jellymongers and food experimentalists Bompas & Parr together with installation experts Jason Bruges Studio have collaborated to create a truly unique dining experience as part of the Avant-Garde Diaries festival in London, taking the drive-thru food experience to a new multi-sensory level.

Running alongside London Fashion Week, guests will place their food orders then witness a pulsating light show as they drive across the marble lobby of London’s Old Selfridges Hotel, Oxford Street, to then be served their food in the car by roller-skating service staff. This whimsical approach to dining, not only offering an entertaining display within this drivable restaurant, also explores the emotions experienced when consuming fast food from the comfort of a car, looking at the relationship of the motor car and food sensory experiences.

Also highlighting the design of the new Mercedes A-Class, co-founder Sam Bompas said “Mercedes is a brand with a high standard of quality, and the aesthetics of Mercedes design are a great inspiration for us. We create luxury dining, Mercedes produces luxury cars – working together to create the world’s best “drive thru” is therefore an obvious collaboration.”

The Mercedes Drive Thru runs from 14th – 16th September at the Old Selfridges Hotel, Oxford Street, London.

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