WWW – Weather Wardrobe Wobblers

We don’t know about you – but the weather is causing all kinds of chaos in the wardrobe department – you think its sunny (and will remain so) an hour later, the sky becomes bruised and its raining “cats ‘n’ dogs” – not even a thought of packing your umbrella – its Summer right?

Here are our WWW picks of the week:

Add some sunshine with your luggage

Enough room for your laptop, wallet and of course your waterproofs/jumper.

Available at: Article, 96 Kingsland Road, London E2 8DP

The DPCU Camourflage City Gent Umbrella is a five colour military camouflage used by the Australian military, also known as Auscam.  It is influenced partly by early US Duck Camourflage – available at London Undercover - limited edition only.


Pimp up your festival style with the Vivienne Westwood Jelly Boot or just pop some socks underneath your clear/sparkle jellies

Holbrook Windcheater

Available at Lavenham Jackets

Nigel Cabourn Surface Jacket Orange

Available at Present, Shoreditch High Street

And for your iPhone…

With the iPhone scuba suit you can take your phone up to 15 feet underwater without worry. A Gel screen cover allows your phone to be touch-sensitive underwater.


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