Frankfurt: In pictures

Frankfurt is located on both sides of the Main river south-east of the Taunus mountain range.  It is the fifth largest City in Germany, a eclectic mix of new and old architecture, landscaped City squares and public sculpture.  Quirky vintage shops scattered over the City centre mixed up with lifestyle, comic/Manga shops and covered markets, selling everything from Bratwurst with curry sauce and Apfelwein.  London City Airport run a daily service to Frankfurt – a great weekend escape.

Love Luck Locks

Five bridges cross the river Main in the centre of Frankfurt – adorned by locks with love and luck messages.

Colekt – Full of quirky gifts from false eyelashes, toys, jewellery, prints, combs, lamps and a beautiful coffee and tea bar.

Colekt, Bruckenstrasse 21, 60594 Frankfurt am Main

Shops selling – yes – just gnomes.

Finally, Batman on the streets of Frankfurt protecting its inhabitants….



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