Brandspoke – the Indian fashion industry

Brandspoke offers scope for brands to achieve a highly successful proven route into India, based on longstanding relationships with key figures in the market, to pioneering commercial opportunities for brands and products, as well as providing effective business models for both successful and distressed brands to diversify into markets and revenue streams they believed were impenetrable.

Strategic creativity generates brand awareness, adoption and advocacy – People buy products, but they buy into brands.

Big Wheel – India’s Fashion Fairground. *

Roll up and Roll Out your Brand in a rocketing economy. India’s first International trade show an exclusive trade platform for international brands. March 13, 14 & 15 – 2012 Bombay Exhibition Centre. Brandspoke, in collaboration with Images Media, presents India’s BIG WHEEL fashion trade fair. The most direct route for international brands to enter the Indian market and capitalise on its well publicised commercial opportunities. 

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