FULL MOON – Yoga-Meditation 8/3/12


Manipura Gong Meditation at one yoga centre* – Thursday 8th March 8.30pm – 9.45pm
Use of the Gong in the far East – for meditation, healing and ceremony – dates back to 2nd millenium B.C. Waves of sound go deep into the energy centres and pathways of the body, allowing us to release physical and emotional blocks.  Creating layer upon layer of tones, the Gong washes over us, re-aligning our vibrations with those of higher frequencies; leading to experiences of inner-peace, clarity and one-ness.
The workshop: Join one yoga teachers Ali and Jenny B from 8.30pm – 9.45pm for an evening of pranayama, guided relaxation, Gong ‘bath’ and meditation.
Both Ali and Jenny B will be focusing on Manipura chakra: the ‘city of jewels’ at the naval centre; associated with fire element, will-power, vision & vitality.
With the seasons shifting from Winter to Spring, the time feels naturally right for transformation; perhaps even more so than at new year, it’s a time for embracing and welcoming change.
To top all of the above, 8th March is full moon – respected in Yoga as a time for reflection and rejuvenation.
Cost £10 per person for Manipura Gong meditation
(Or £15 including Hatha-flow class from 7.15pm – 8.15pm with Jenny B)
Pre-booking is essential

Each month around the full moon both Ali and Jenny will look in-depth at a different chakra…

*one yoga centre is a beautiful light space near to Shoreditch, Broadway Market & Bethnal Green – associated with the Yoga Biomedical Trust it offers various styles of Yoga, pilates and complimentary therapies – check www.oneyogacentre.com for timetable & other workshops. Address: 1 Teesdale Street, E2 6GF


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