Film: Outside Bet

Outside Bet, also known as: The Story of the Mumper, is an upcoming British comedy film directed by Sacha Bennett and staring Bob Hoskins, Jenny Agutter, Philip Davis and Adam Deacon.

The plot of the film has been developed from the novel The Mumper, written by Mark Baxter and Paolo Hewitt. Set against the backdrop of the turbulent mid 1980′s, a life-long group of friends, Smudge (Bob Hoskins), Shirley (Jenny Agutter) and Threads (Philip Davis) find themselves on the wrong end of money, privatization, unions and dramatic media evolution, with a poor redundancy pay-out after their newspaper printing company goes bust. Their only hope of salvation lies in investing their savings into a racehorse, hoping that one final race can turn their fortunes around. However, the trio soon find solace in young Soleman Sam (Adam Deacon), who is also facing the possibility of losing his job – and the four decide to fight the revolution in society and win back what is rightfully theirs.

Our friend Mark Baxter wrote the book a few years ago and the book was snapped up for the film – the book “The Mumper” is a page turner and we cant wait for the film to be released this year – release date 13th April 2012.

If you are a lover of British Comedy – this is one not to be missed.

The Mumper -

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